What fast-track success looks like at a PR agency that turned adversity into opportunity for a talented young account manager


How my journey with a top Scottish PR agency has prepared me for my next big move

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BEFORE I moved to Scotland, I thought I had absolutely everything planned out: a new job, new flat, tons of new opportunities – what could go possibly wrong?

Turns out, a lot. Nothing could have ever prepared me for what 2020 brought.

And yet … as counter-intuitive as it may sound, the pandemic turned out to be a career blessing for me, opening my eyes to the opportunities on offer with the award-winning public relations agency, Holyrood PR in Edinburgh.

With a background in law and somewhat niche tech PR, my arrival in Scotland to take up my new position as a senior account executive brought a host of challenges.

The first was quickly adapting and learning about all of the other sectors out there – as well as digital PR, working with influencers, web uploads and search-engine optimisation.

Just as I was getting my head around new clients, a new team, and a completely different media landscape (although I now can rattle off all of the local Scottish papers much to the annoyance of anyone in the car with me), I was faced with a whole new challenge: Covid.

I started out as a senior account executive and was put on a “fast track” to account manager in March 2020, achieving my promotion in November. The pandemic transformed my journey with Holyrood PR and gave me hundreds of opportunities to step up, learn, and develop professionally – all of which have helped me prepared for my next exciting move to London.

I’ve learnt how to spot the strongest storylines, digging out an extra stat or fact that helps take a story from a nice feature to a front-page mention. I’ve been given the skills to manage both clients and my colleagues, and I’ve dealt with the many tricky situations brought about by the pandemic.

I’ve led award-winning campaigns for clients, helped to create a best-selling tea (the name of which coincidentally matches my initials), finally understood SEO, created fun and engaging new business pitches, and have been able to pass on my learnings and skills as an organised, process-driven planner to the rest of the team.

There isn’t a client at Holyrood PR I haven’t been involved with at some point – from public sector and food and drink clients to property and social care, I’ve been exposed to pretty much everything this PR agency has to offer.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year-and-a-half, but I can say with confidence that it’s been the making of me professionally, and has been the best preparation for my next role as an account manager in London.

My advice for anyone interested in working with this talented team is to say yes to everything. Whether that’s training or getting involved in new business pitches or project clients, try to absorb everyone’s knowledge and skills as best you can.

Communicate well and effectively, be creative and independent, but know when to put your hand up and ask for help too. A willingness to roll up your sleeves, work hard, get involved, and support the team will be the best way you can take advantage of everything this award-winning PR agency has to offer – and you’ll be heavily rewarded with responsibilities, opportunities, and promotions as they come.

As I start my journey south of the border, I can’t wait to keep up with the HPR team and see what creative campaigns they work on next (don’t worry team, I’ll be a faithful newsletter follower, I promise).

After a whirlwind 18 months in Edinburgh, I’m looking forward to seeing what London has in store for me.

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