Scots Dentist Brings Hollywood Smile to Scotland

Lubiju, Cosmetic Dentist Blog

Scots Dentist Brings Hollywood Smile to Scotland

Lubiju, Cosmetic Dentist Blog

A LEADING Scottish dental expert has become one of the first in Scotland to win coveted status to fit patients with the world’s most advanced cosmetic veneers.

Dr Biju Krishnan, co-founder of the hi-tech Lubiju dental practice in Leith, is now the only Rivervale dental practice and one of only three in Scotland qualified to fit patients with Lumineers. The breakthrough treatment has already taken the US by storm because it allows patients to enjoy a perfect Hollywood smile with no drilling, no needles and no damage to their existing teeth.

More than 20 years of research has gone into developing both the ultra-fine yet incredibly strong porcelain veneers and the special bonding agent which can even be fitted over existing veneers, crowns or bridgework.

Despite being an extremely experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr Krishnan still had to go through an intensive two-day training course with specialist trainers sent from the Lumineers headquarters in California.

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Dr Krishnan said: “This really is an amazing treatment and I’m understandably pleased we can now offer it to patients in Scotland. I expect there to be a very high demand for the treatment. I had only been back from the training for two days when the company referred a first Scottish patient to me.

“The treatment is extremely cost effective and works out from £500 per tooth. Price-wise Lumineers also compare favourably to traditional veneers, yet the difference between the two is significant.

“Fitting normal veneers involves some damage to existing teeth, whether drilling or removing enamel. There is absolutely no damage to existing teeth in the vast majority of cases of fitting Lumineers.

“The treatment is also almost 100% successful. In the tiny number of cases where it doesn’t work out, the patient is simply back where they started – and is not left with teeth damaged by the treatment.”

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Patients who opt for Lumineers treatment will get a free initial assessment by Dr Krishnan at Lubiju, including computer modelling to show how their smile will look before and after treatment.

From the measurements taken the Lumineers are then made in California and shipped back to the UK to be fitted by Dr Krishnan.

The Lumineers are made from a patented porcelain called Cerinate, which allows the veneer to be as thin as a contact lens. Once applied they give patients a permanently whiter and perfectly aligned smile.

Lubiju opened in March following a £750,000 investment by Doctors Biju Krishnan and Lubino do Rego.

The surgery has been nominated for two prizes at the prestigious Private Dentistry Awards 2009 – the Most Attractive Practice and the overall Private Dentistry Practice of the Year Award.

Lubiju offers the ambience of a five-star hotel combined with the most hi-tech treatment techniques and equipment available in cosmetic dentistry.

Specialist features include two plush consulting rooms and an x-ray area which was created using a ton of lead and a state-of-the-art sterilisation room, known as a Local Decontamination Unit.

The practice is also unique in the fact that it has a dedicated massage and complementary therapy treatment space, with expert staff on hand to provide alternative health advice, relaxation and beauty treatments, non-surgical facelifts and other rejuvenation and detox treatments.


Issued for Lubiju by the Holyrood PR, public relations Edinburgh.