Scotland’s Finest PR Agency – Powered by Haribo


Scotland’s Finest PR Agency – Powered by Haribo

Haribo addict Pamela McDade of Holryood PR agency in Scotland

The Secret of success for Scottish PR Specialists

Every great office has a secret to its success – and it’s usually a dynamo of an office manager.

Here are Holyrood PR, we’ve got a cracking professional in that role – Linsay Robertson who helps makes our office tick.

Hence why there was such a hullaballoo when she turned up at work today after two weeks off on holiday. Linsay might only have been away a fortnight, but for the rest of us it felt much longer.

Linsay’s return was greeted with joy for another reason: she came bearing gifts.

Not just any gift mind you.This was the stuff which fuels our office. And at 9am it was also the Breakfast of Champions.

A kilogram bag of Haribo – straight from the home of Haribo, the factory and attached Musee du Bonbon in Uzes in the south of France (thanks Linsay!).

Yep. That’s the secret to the endless energy, drive and creativity in our office. When the place needs a wee bit of a turbocharge, out come the flavoursome, jelly-based confections.

This pictures shows scoffer-in-chief Pamela McDade. She shares some of the credit for ingiting our jelly passion. She brought her Haribo addiction to the office and, like some determined crack dealer, slowly ensured the rest of us got hooked.

So there you have it. The secret of our success is the humble Haribo.

While we’re busy stuffing ourselves with handfuls of Tangfastics, Supermix, Gold Bears, Starmix and Strawbs why not let us know what makes your office tick?