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Saliva Splattering Links for your Consumption

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BBC doodles

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A small team in California plug away daily to come up with the customised Google homepages to celebrate big events or other important and interesting landmarks. There was a new Google Doodle every day during the Olympics – and more than 1000 to date. They get increasingly ingenious and interactive. The man who leads the team says he can’t afford to stop and think about the countless millions of people who see the work – instead he just concentrates on making one or two colleagues smile.

#STAGETAKEN (Victoria)

Adidas have executed a fantastic PR campaign during the London Olympics, and to put the icing on the cake, yesterday released a fun music video featured Team GB.
David Beckham plays the director as medallists including Jessica Ennis, Louis Smith, Victoria Pendleton and Sir Chris Hoy mouth along to Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen.
It’s great to see the athletes let their hair down and celebrate their successes after all of their hard work.
Adidas promoted the #takethestage hashtag on Twitter during the Olympics which was ultimately a success and this video ends with #stagetaken – clever. 


You land a trip to the big NY and maybe you want to get to grips with the city on the bus tours!? Well here’s a clip from a tour which should be just as important as any other-the Ghost Busters tour!Bleeding Cool’s Patrick Willems and Matt Torpey did just that when they moved to the city and conquered every location in one afternoon!!


It’s the news every bloke has been waiting for – the bombshell that oral sex really has health-giving benefits for women!Awright, at this stage boffins are only saying that women might want to consider fellatio when preggers, to deal with the curse of morning sickness.But I’m sure there are millions of men out there who’ve always harboured a suspicion that a BJ is a route to healthy and glowing skin, shiny hair and a host of other benefits for the lucky women involved.Still, it will probably take loads of other follow-up scientific studies before the fairer sex buys into this.So don’t get too excited yet chaps. As the old saying goes, one swallow doesn’t make a summer.


One of my favourite moments of the recent UEFA Euro 2012’s was when Italy were playing against the mighty Germans, and before the game, the Italians were written off to be beaten. Up stepped the ever controversial striker Balotelli. He scored 2 goals and on his second he took his top off and stood tensing his muscles like he was the Hulk. The celebration went viral and people everywhere were copying it, photoshopping the celebrations into different scenarios such as putting a drill in his hands, and begging for it to feature on the newest edition of FIFA 13 – the most popular football game in the world. Hurrah, their prayers were answered and now the celebration is to feature in the new game, due to be released at the end of next month. If you check out the video on the link, you can see how they make the celebrations and game play by attaching motion censors to players to make sure every movement is as realistic as in real life.