Rollin’ The Links Out On Monday

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Rollin’ The Links Out On Monday

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Sour Toe Cocktails

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I’ve made a fair wee whack of mental sounding cocktails during my stint at the Voodoo Rooms bar but the Sourtoe Cocktail from Dawson City is in a league of it’s own. The drink can be made with any mixer but it must contain one thing-a human toe dehydrated and preserved in salt and the one rule is the toe has got to touch the lips. I checked out some Youtube video clips of the tradition and one guy went one step further and put the whole thing in his mouth! I was gagging with him!
Do they have a toe storage? No idea but check it out! Have a nice lunch!


It has been a few months since the pandas descended on Edinburgh zoo and they are still making the local headlines. After Tian Tian and Yang Guang came over from China it now seems there could be a romance blossoming between the pair. The hope is that this week the two will naturally mate and therefore produce the first ever panda cub to be born on Scottish soil. Animal lovers are in for treat if this is to happen as Edinburgh Zoo is considering filming and broadcasting the live birth of the cub. If you can’t wait to see this then why not catch up with the pandas on the zoos live panda cam.


The world’s first road-legal flying car is now available to buy.  It is one of only five in existance, so it is being classed as a collector’s item, however it is still in full working condition.  The idea is certainly appealing and would be perfect for escaping traffic jams.  Unfortunately the buying price is £800,000 so doesn’t look like many of us are in with a chance of getting our hands on it!


A week or so ago I shared a link about the woman billionaire boss of the Spanx underwear empire. Now the Forbes list rich has revealed the number of women on its ‘Billionaire List’ is growing, slowly-but-surely. That’s great news for equality. Now I’m off to dream about what it would be like to be a kept man…


When I read the following news at the weekend, I actually thought I had accidently logged onto The Onion for a moment as it was so shocking and ridiculous!
The filmmaker behind the viral KONY12 campaign has been placed in psychiatric care after he was found naked, screaming and pounding his fists on the pavement on Saturday.
Jason Russell, who is co-founder of the charity Invisable Children, was detained by police in San Diego on Saturday.
Witnesses claimed he was also vandalising cars and masturbating in public according to TMZ.  The father-of-two is currently on a ‘5150 hold’ as authorities determine if he poses a danger to himself or others.
It is said that Jason was completely overwhelmed by the attention of the KONY campaign and the resulting criticism of his organisation was just too much for him to handle, leading to his breakdown.