Rocking Coverage For Edinburgh Charity

Project Work and Other Clients Press releases

Rocking Coverage For Edinburgh Charity

Project Work and Other Clients Press releases

rocktrustLocal PR Coverage for Edinburgh Based Charity 

Over the weekend The Edinburgh Evening News featured the launch announcement of Sleep Out 2012.

The event, hosted by The Rock Trust, sees people in Edinburgh sleep rough on the streets for one night only, helping to raise awareness of homelessness which affects thousands of young Scots.

The event will be held in partnership with with organisations across the country, including Centrepoint, The Amber Foundation, St. Basils, Llamau, Keyhouse and St. Edmunds. Eight cities including Edinburgh will host their own Sleep Out 2012 event. All eight will take place on the same evening, raising awareness of youth homelessness, as well as vital funds for the charities involved.

Kathleen O’Mahony, Fundraiser and Events Coordinator for The Rock Trust, commented: “Sleep Out 2012 does not aim to replicate homelessness in any way. Our main priority is to raise awareness of youth homelessness.

“By working alongside other youth homeless charities, such as Centrepoint and The Amber Foundation, we have created a failsafe network that covers the length and breadth of the country.

“This network ensures we bring a national voice to one of the UK’s most pressing social issues and help those who are most in need of support, education, accommodation or advice.

“At The Rock Trust, we work with hundreds of young people to help prevent youth homelessness and support them to build better future for themselves.

“Yet we can only continue to do this with thanks to the generous support we receive from fundraising and donations from individuals – which is why events like Sleep Out 2012 are so important to us and the young people we support.”

Sleep Out 2012 is open to anyone, but The Rock Trust is encouraging individuals to enter as part of a team. Participants must raise a minimum of £250 each and all money raised will go towards providing skills and resources to young people in Edinburgh and The Lothians that will allow them to avoid or escape homelessness.

There is a £25 registration fee to secure a place at Sleep Out 2012 and registration must be completed online following the link:

For more information and news updates follow the Sleep Out 2012 Facebook and Twitter pages.

This coverage appeared in The Edinburgh Evening News and was secured by The Holyrood PR as part of an ongoing PR campaign for The Rock Trust.