Rick’s Improves its PR in Edinburgh by Introducing Gigantic Gallon Cocktail Shaker

Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd Press releases

Rick’s Improves its PR in Edinburgh by Introducing Gigantic Gallon Cocktail Shaker

Montpeliers (Edinburgh) Ltd Press releases

Rick's promotes new gallon cocktail shaker thanks to Holyrood PR PR in EdinburghEdinburgh’s original cocktail bar, Rick’s, is set to shake up the Capital’s stylish social scene with a gigantic gallon-sized cocktail shaker.

The huge cobbler shaker – which holds the equivalent of eight pints of booze – is the first of its kind in Scotland and will allow Rick’s to serve a stunning and unique range of new cocktails  

The introduction of the two-foot long shaker is one of the many exciting changes being made at Rick’s, situated in the Capital’s Frederick Street, which is about to undergo a major refurbishment.

The concept of the shaker originates from legendary 1930’s bar, Sloppy Joe’s in Havana – which played host to Hollywood greats John Wayne, Spencer Tracy and Clark Gable.

Rick’s team of expert – and very muscular barmen – will fill the giant shaker with various alcohol and mixers before mixing it up and tipping it into a giant punchbowl where drinkers will be invited to scoop out drinks with tiny crystal glasses.

The Alamagoolum cocktail, personal favourite of U.S. banking legend J. P. Morgan, will be made with the shaker. The whole experience is known as the Ceremony of the Punchbowl and it’s the first time people in Scotland will be able to try out the drink extravaganza.

Cocktail expert

Head mixologist Mal Spence, an acclaimed expert on the science of cocktail-making, spent months sourcing the shaker and the punchbowl from suppliers in New York.

Mal said “We aim to have Rick’s serving the highest quality cocktails in the UK. Not only will we be offering a comprehensive and exclusive cocktail list, but we will also be educating our clientele in the art of cocktail making.

“The gallon cobbler shaker will be the first of its kind in Scotland and will put us ahead of the game in the UK and on a level pegging with the top cocktail bars in New York.

“We will be using it to mix the punchbowl – the earliest form of the cocktail, which dates back to the 1500’s and was originally rum or brandy based with added, tea, water, fruits and herbs.

“It allowed groups to gather together to sing and tell tales whilst enjoying a delicious drink. We hope to recreate that atmosphere in Rick’s by allowing clients to watch the cobbler shaker in action and then share a punchbowl.”

New-look Rick’s opening

Rick’s believes it has put together the best bar team in the UK – with the best cocktail list in the UK – to mark the opening of the new-look Rick’s.

The bar’s legendary cocktail list has been updated to serve sumptuous drinks from a list of six key cocktail themes – Havana Club, British Imperial Libations, New York Manhattan, New Orleans and the Ceremony of the Punchbowl.

Drinks will be served in vintage glasses – adding to the sense of decadence and unbeatable service offered by the leading bar.

And in another novel twist staff will specially hand freeze blocks of ice to – 24°C before cutting, cracking and shaving individual chunks of the ice to suit the cocktail mix.

Mal added:  “Every detail counts. The weakest element of every drink is the ice. The larger the surface area of the ice, the longer it takes for it to melt thus reducing the speed it takes to dilute the drink.

“Rick’s is about enhancing the experience of the customer. High quality service is of utmost importance to our team and our efforts will be apparent from our quality cocktail list, bar ambience and of course through extra touches like the gallon cobbler shaker.”

Award-winning bar

David Johnston, Development Director at Montpeliers (Edinburgh), whose portfolio of award-winning bars and restaurants includes Rick’s, said: “Our main bar team of Mal, Sam Kershaw, James Tait and Matty Hutchinson, have a vast cocktail knowledge from across the globe, from as far flung as the New York to the Dominican Republic.

“They have also scooped numerous awards along the way, including UK representative for the Havana Club World Final and Bartender of the Year Award, giving them an intimate and detailed knowledge of cocktail preparation.

“We think the changes – both in terms of décor, look and bar offering – will put Rick’s very much back on the map as Scotland’s No 1 bar.”

Rick’s is re-opening on July 15 and is being promoted by leading public relations agency Holyrood PR, which provides expert PR in Scotland.