Return of the Intern – The Force Awakens

by PR Interns

Friday, December 11th, 2015

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Former PR intern Maj Meah returns for a second internship with Edinburgh's award-winning PR agency.By Maj Meah

Warning – this blog contains far too many puns!

I WAS once a Holyrood Apprentice Jedi Intern, where I learned a huge amount about the PR world. Although I completed my 4-week internship, I returned to learn more about the PR Force from the Jedi Masters here at Holyrood.

After completing my first placement at this award winning agency in May this year, I moved to the dark side – in-house PR – working at Queen Margaret University where I gained some valuable experience in the higher education sector. As my internship ended with the university, I applied to numerous PR agencies, but a mysterious force was drawing me back to the Degobah system, or as it’s known in Leith.

So, I decided to communicate telepathically with Jedi Master Brian, Account Director, to take up a further three week internship and now I have returned to fulfil my promise.

Padawan Training

Maj Meah Holyrood PR Intern (c) Wullie Marr PhotographyThis time, the force was strong!
You always learn new skills at Holyrood and you only improve while you’re here. The rebel team at Holyrood have been throwing me in the deep end, which is the best way to learn and really improves the CV substantially in the shortest time possible.

Throughout the week I was always busy with hefty workload to be completed for clients and to promote Holyrood itself. I drafted press releases, conducted telephone interviews, uploaded media coverage and press releases on the website, liaised with journalists, undertook various admin work and of course learnt how to defeat a Sith Lord using a light-sabre.

During my three weeks, I went on two video production jobs with expert videographer Craig, where I learnt a huge amount about the process of filmaking; from pre to post production. I am grateful to have gained an integrative PR experience and now equipped with these skills I feel prepared to battle off storm troopers in the rebel war – or as it’s better known land a PR job in Scotland.

I also joined the Holyrood team in the making of their annual Christmas card from planning stages to executing. It was great to see and hear ideas being bounced around and to join in with the Christmas fun.

“Do or not do, there is no try” – as Yoda would say!

Holyrood PR in Edinburgh internshipThe work was enjoyable, however, the most important thing was I felt one with the team. There was always a good laugh to be had, which created a buzzing atmosphere.

My last internship at Holyrood really pushed and challenged me. I learned loads, however, this time I was pushed even further. I also had additional mentoring on the side by the various PR gurus here at Holyrood PR, which I found incredibly useful.

Now that I have completed my training, Holyrood has given me more than just a line on the CV. I have strengthened my relationship with the team here, polished up and developed new skills, while also learnt completely new aspects of PR I hadn’t realised existed.

My venture is to boldly go where………Oh wait wrong film

My next step is to look for a job in the industry, which at the moment feels about as daunting as trying to blow up the Death Star. But Holyrood have pretty much taught me to bullseye womp rats in my T-16, so I have the confidence to take it on.

From the placement at Holyrood my passion for PR has strengthened. It’s exciting, challenging and the people are always outgoing and friendly.

My advice to anyone looking for work experience in the PR industry is to gain as much of it as possible. If your Edinburgh-based, and have a real passion for PR, pick up the phone and give Holyrood a call!

My final message

I am your father… Actually, what I wanted to say was apologies for the ridiculous amount of Star Wars puns but it’s the biggest film in years – and if you didn’t get any of the references then please spend a day getting caught up on all the original films.

I must go now to bring balance to the PR galaxy – and because I have run out of puns.


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