Restaurant Boss Threatens to Dump Either Scottish or Italian Water

Vittoria and La Favorita Blog

Restaurant Boss Threatens to Dump Either Scottish or Italian Water

Vittoria and La Favorita Blog

Two of Edinburgh’s most loved Italian restaurants are giving customers the chance to decide if Scottish water or Italian water should be served in the restaurants.

Vittoria’s on George IV Bridge and Brunswick Street, Leith are giving customers the chance to decide on the restaurant website: vote Scottish or Italian.

Restaurant owner Tony Crolla had been looking at removing Italian water Acqua Panna from the restaurant. That then sparked a debate amongst customers what was better – Scottish water or Italian water.

And now, after thinking about dumping them both, Tony is giving the people the chance to decide.

He said: “Worldwide, Scottish water has a fantastic reputation – especially compared to the likes of London water – and serving from the tap has obvious environmental and carbon footprint benefits over transporting Acqua Panna to the restaurant.

“However, some people feel that an authentic Italian restaurant should have authentic Italian water, so I’ve decided to open it up to the public to decide if it should be Scottish water or Italian water we serve.

“It’s Water Idol with the winner being kept on at the restaurants. If Italian water wins, then all the Scottish water will be used for is washing the dishes and the floors.

“There’s already been a few heated debates by staff as to which is better.”

The public will have numerous ways to determine the preferred tipple at the restaurants – a blind tasting test in public, a chance to vote via and customers in the restaurants will be asked for their opinions

Scottish water has a fantastic reputation across the globe. Across Scotland, it is supplied by Scottish Water, who carries out around 1000 tests a day to ensure the 2.3billion litres delivered daily to homes and businesses is of the highest quality.

Acqua Panna takes its name from the famous Villa Panna in the hills of Tuscany, where the water was first discovered. The source is located 3,700 feet high in the serene Apennines Mountains of Tuscany.

Legend has it the ancient Romans built the only road stretching from Northern to Southern Italy through Scarperia – and past the source – to provide well-deserved refreshment to weary travelers.

Helen Lennox, Head of Corporate Affairs at Scottish Water, said: “Let the Italians stick to football, pizza, beautiful women and fast cars and we’ll do the world-class water. We are very lucky in Scotland to be blessed with some of the best drinking water in the world.

 “Across Scotland, Scottish Water is working to provide even clearer, fresher drinking water in a sustainable manner to all our customers – such as through our new water treatment works for the city which once completed will ensure people in Edinburgh will enjoy the look and taste of refreshing tap water for many years to come.

“We’re also always keen to encourage everyone to recognise the health benefits of tap water and to look to drink enough water every day to keep properly hydrated. We will be very interested to see the results of the taste test.”

Italian-born Paolo Veneroni, who now runs Food & Wine distributer Continental Quattro Stagioni in Kirkliston near Edinburgh, thinks it has to be Italian water all the way.

He said: “When you go to a proper Italian restaurant, you want the most authentic Italian experience you can have – and that includes having Italian water. Having an Italian meal without Italian water would be like serving lasagne and sprinkling it with cheddar cheese instead of parmesan cheese.

“You can have Scottish water any time – just turn on the tap – but for an Italian meal, there should be Italian water – and let’s be honest, it just tastes better.”