How Are the Resolutions Going? Find Out How Award-Winning PR Agency Can Help Your Business Stay Ahead

by Fraser Clarke

Friday, January 19th, 2018

Making the right move at the right time is crucial for any business – no matter the time of year

Award-winning PR agency explains how importance of timing for New Year's resolutionsWE’RE here again. Christmas seems like a distant memory of full stomachs, hit and miss gifts and even the “new year, new me” gym-goers are beginning to tail off back to the sofa.

The long stretch ahead to summer, the cold weather and mountain of work you’re still tackling following your return to the desk can make January and February challenging months.

And what makes it even more annoying?

The endless empty promises and droning of those banging on about self-improvement and how they’re going to change.

So how should you and your business ensure that you harness all the optimism that the New Year brings, now that the initial flimsy new year’s resolutions are starting to flag?


Don’t simply follow the crowd like a zombie. Just because your competitors are all running the same, tired New Year campaigns, doesn’t mean you have to.

Now could be the time to step out from the crowd and be the leader of the pack by doing something out of the ordinary, that sets you apart from the others.

Instead of making the traditional decision to promote a new and shiny version of your product or service, why not take a considered approach and ask yourself if it’s really the time that suits your business.

The truth is, the right time to give your business a revamp or refresh depends on a number of both internal and external factors. What can make the decision and timing easier, is finding the perfect PR experts to help you.

Our guide will help you find out the questions to ask and the responses you want to hear when you’re deciding on a PR partner for your business.

On a personal level, you might have been rigorously sticking to your healthy new diet. You may well have made a start on clearing out that spare room like you’ve been meaning to for years. And maybe you’ve stuck to your shiny new gym routine.

But what about those who have already let their New Year’s resolutions fall by the wayside.

How will your idea of promoting a new, fresh, vibrant approach go down with people who might not be feeling quite as positive?

And let’s face it, that’s most of us. The vast majority of us will be in the same boat – on the couch with a takeaway and not a treadmill in sight.

So it pays to think how your message about a shiny new look for your business will go down with an audience perhaps already bitter at the collapse of their own resolutions.

Do you really want to rub people’s noses in it?


If you’re a B2B company or service then there’s no doubt you need to position yourself at the head of the crowd while your clients are allocating their January budgets.

However, for the regular customer, January is usually a time for reining in the purse strings and trying to make back some of the cash blown on excess festive spending.

Savvy buyers may well be sharpening their elbows ready to hit the streets for the January sales but that doesn’t mean you have to go overboard.

Carefully thought out ideas and offers can go a long way to helping ease people’s financial woes but when thinking of pushing a new and improved version of your brand, it could be better to wait for a more suitable date, when the market is less congested with sales and similar types of marketing.


For certain sectors, the month of January is like a gift from the gods.

If you run a gym, fitness classes or provide beauty treatments, business will be booming as people embark of their ‘New Year, New Me’ challenges. However, many of these new customers will only prove to be a short-lived fling, with many cancelling memberships or stopping treatments.

If you choose to rebrand at New Year, you also run the risk of putting of loyal customers who have been edged out by this new clientele, lured in by the promise of a fresh start in the New Year.

Nobody wants to turn away new business and thankfully, well run businesses will have planned strategies to support and encourage new customers to ensure they don’t run a mile when they discover that becoming a new them can require a lot of time and effort.

Therefore, it may be worth considering waiting until February or later in the New Year to promote your new look or service

Clients of our award-winning PR agency love that we help them all year round. Great stories appear no matter the time of year or season and positive media coverage benefits your business throughout the year.

Find out how our award-winning PR agency can help your business sparkle throughout the year

By telling your stories to the right audience, we help businesses to become more profitable while enabling them to create happier more productive workplaces.

We’d love the chance to explain how Holyrood PR acts as a trusted guide for a huge range of businesses and how that could benefit you.

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