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Dermal Clinic Press releases

Young Couple after Treatment - Edinburgh PRWhen it comes to summer in Scotland, we seldom get the chance to get out in the sun – meaning we often forget to properly protect ourselves.

It carries a big risk as we start to look forward to the holidays – but Scotland’s

Laser rejuvenation is a treatment offered by award-winning Edinburgh-based Dermal Clinic which uses a specially crafted beam of thermal energy to stimulate collagen production, allowing skin to naturally reform and encourages healthy new skin to grow.

Jackie Partridge, BSc (DERM) RGN NIP at Dermal Clinic, said: “It’s so important to look after our skin all year round, but when there’s warmer weather we tend to spend more time outside, especially on foreign holidays, where the UVA/UVB rays are more intense.

“Typically, the laser rejuvenation treatment that we offer at the clinic will reduce the skin’s age by two years per session, so five sessions can give a visual reduction of up to 10 years in texture and tone.

“The versatile nature of this treatment also means that our experts are able to target either specific problems areas, such as cheeks, or wider areas, such as the whole face.”

Dermal Clinic also offers Vitamin Infusion Ionzyme Facial treatments, which work to facilitate greater penetration of nutrients into the skin, rehydrating it and giving it back its natural glow.

Jackie, Best Independent Nurse Prescriber at The Look Awards 2016, continued: “The Ionzyme facials are possibly the most advanced skincare treatments of their kind, and provide a truly intense and relaxing experience.

“They work to enhance the penetration of skincare products into the skin so that the desired effects are achieved more quickly. In fact, penetration is more than 4000 times more effective with the facials than by single topical application.

“At Dermal Clinic, we aim to provide a wide range of services to suit every individual and work hard to provide the highest quality and safest customer care possible. The quality of our skin treatments is testament to this.”

Dermal Clinic, located in Edinburgh’s Church Hill Place, is one of Scotland’s leading cosmetic clinics with a team of high quality professionals dedicated to provide specialist care for the face and body.

It specialises in providing expert advice, solutions and services to help clients feel better about themselves – including treatments unique to Scotland.


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