Our essential business guide to added value PR services

Reboot, Restore and Revitalise your business – with refreshed PR services


Reboot, Restore and Revitalise your business – with refreshed PR services


An essential at-a-glance guide on how to squeeze maximum value from your PR agency

Our essential business guide to added value PR servicesTHERE’S always a real vitality and freshness to starting a new year.

It’s a time for clearing out old stuff that’s no longer any use. For rebooting, restoring and revitalising.

So here’s our guide to refreshing your PR – an at-a-glance guide on how to reboot, restore and revitalise your public relations.

It’s your chance to benchmark your existing service provider and to make sure you are getting maximum value for your money.  Or if you’re considering using PR for the first time, it will give you a vital and timesaving head start on what to look for.

Smart business people like you want points of differentiation. They want to know there is something outstanding, noteworthy and genuinely impressive about the PR experts you engage with.

At Holyrood PR we’re proud to have many unique qualities – each delivering extra value to our clients. Check out these five ways we can help make your PR better:

Scottish PR agency Holyrood PR in Edinburgh gives every client a free online newsroomPART 1 – Does your current PR agency offer a free online newsroom – an entire online hub dedicated to you? Each of our clients enjoy a Google friendly outpost on the web, delivering extra SEO value as well as valuable traffic. Check out what that looks like, including an interactive fly through.

PR video is one of the services from public relations agency Holyrood PRPART 2 – Video is by far the most powerful, effective and fast-growing form of business storytelling for the digital age. There are many ways your business could benefit from our in-house video and drone filming services. We will manage the process from conception to delivery, including all planning, scripting and sourcing of external material. 


PR photography of Scottish bank notesPART 3 – Would you fill your shopping trolley without any idea of the cost? Or agree to getting your car serviced without knowing the price tag? Thought not. Yet at least 60 major Scottish PR agencies fail to publish their rates on their website. So which PR people are upfront about the costs?

How tomeasure the success of public relationsPART 4 – For PR professionals, getting headlines is the easiest (and most fun) part of the job. Yet the really important part – measuring how PR affects your bottom line – is difficult (and less fun). It’s so hard that few PR agencies do it well. Only one PR agency in Scotland has a CIPR award for measurement.

Holyrood PR Newsletter | October 2018PART 5 – Getting you exposure in newspapers, radio, TV and online, including social media is a pretty good starting point when it comes to PR. But is your PR agency also delivering your best success stories to the email inbox of thousands of potential customers and business influencers?


We hope you find this guide helpful and that it may inspire you to get use PR services for your business – or to squeeze more from your ongoing PR efforts.

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