Reactec Are All Charged Up

HAVmeter Vibration Safety Press releases

Reactec Are All Charged Up

HAVmeter Vibration Safety Press releases


Trade press coverage for Reactec with HUB

One of the leading names in the health and safety sector has recently unveiled a new product which will support it’s existing lineof vibration safety products.

Reactec, the UK’s vibration safety specialists launched it’s new SMARTcharger this month at the Safety and Health Expo in Birmingham.

The firm which is responsible for the HAVmeter, a device which monitors and records the amount of vibration workers are exposed to from power tool has brought out the SMARTcharger specifically to help those workers who are on the move to use powertools in a safe way.

As well as being an innovative health and safety device the charger can also be used by companies to monitor workforce practice and tool utilisation.

Jim O’Hagan, Managing Director of Reactec hopes that the SMARTcharger will enable firms across the UK to better manage the welfare of mobile and remote operators.

He said: “HAVmeters are already seen as the industry best practice for monitoring and managing employee exposure to vibration levels which can lead to Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS) among workers across a variety of sectors.

“We are continuously working to come up with ways to make it as easy as possible for all workers who deal with vibration tools to gain access to the HAVmeter to better managetheir welfare.”

The SMARTcharger is the most practical way for single or small teams of workers working on projects such as remote projects in construction, park and grounds maintanence and highways to monitor their exposure to vibration from powertools.

He continued: “It’s extremely easy for workers to use the SMARTcharger with the HAVmeter.”

This coverage was secured with HUB as part of a sustained PR campaign carried out by Holyrood PR on behalf of Reactec.