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Effective PR campaign delivered a positive transformation for the fortunes of vibration safety equipment sales team

Holding the HAVmeterFRONTLINE staff are the eyes and ears of any business and for Reactec the boots on the ground belong to the sales team.

Despite having an ingenious, affordable and effective safety product,  the sales team were coming back with a clear message: “Our name isn’t well known enough.

Efforts to get appointments with HR or health and safety influencers were being frustrated and the company decided to act by bringing in the team from Holyrood PR.

Reactec experienced an immediate and pronounced increase in coverage in target trade and specialist titles and mainstream business media, making the subject accessible to the widest possible audience.

Sales staff reported a marked increase in name recognition and far greater success in booking appointments with decision makers.

Little wonder with 169 items of coverage between January 2011 and October 2012, most carrying at least two or more of Reactec’s important key messages.


PR in Scotland for ReactecFind out exactly what our successful PR campaign did and the results it delivered to transform the fortunes of the HAVmeter sales team. To read the full detail, simply download the three-page PDF case study by following this link.

So how did we do it?

After learning about Reactec’s vibration safety tool, the HAVmeter, we came up with a clear campaign to get its name in front of the wide range of sectors where it could be used –  construction, grounds maintenance, oil & gas and automotive.

We then identified general interest stories likely to attract wide attention, including case studies in unusual or unexpected sectors like Everton’s Premiership football stadium and various well-known sites managed by Historic Scotland. The results rolled in.

Find out how your business could experience the kind of enhanced media profile that will open doors for your sales team

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