Reach For The Stars And Explore The Galaxy In Today’s Orbital Hit

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40,000 people have signed up for a Scottish university course which sees them hunt for the real ET and the course has just got a new recruit – me. Alien hunters, which includes me, will be searching within the night skies for signs of life beyond our earthlings and I can’t wait.
Led by former NASA researcher, Professor Charles Cockell, the course had me at the mention ET and you even get a certificate at the end of it.
Not sure about the term ‘hunting’ if found I’d probably be an ethical fisherman and fight to fling him back into a distant galaxy – watch this space.


Move over Michael Jordan there’s a new kid on the court! Two year old Titus shows off his outstanding basketball skills in the form of a three minute clip where he is seen shooting hoops as high as 7ft. Parents of the talented two year old captured footage of their son shooting baskets and trick shots into hoops around the home. This diaper donning prodigy child is destined for the NBA. Dubious? Check it out for yourself:​ 


If you got excited at the prospect of smellovision which is yet to come to fruition then how about smelly newspapers?
Aberdeen’s The Press & Journal has today debuted its first scented advertisement on page 7 for software firm BusinessPort, which has been printed using special coffee infused ink.
I have just picked up a copy and cannot smell a trace of coffee, but that could just be because of my cold.  
Although this could easily just be a ploy for people to get ink smeared on their faces…


Ever wondered if particular sporting events incur an increased amount of homophobia? No, I hadn’t either. However an article on highlights that during this year’s superbowl the number of homophobic slurs appearing across social media spiked dramatically. I suppose the follow on to this is why? And that’s a question I would feel under qualified to answer. At least I couldn’t trust myself to do it without being rude.


After the horse meat scandal the other week being exposed, I thought we were all safe from unusual ingredients popping up in our supermarket meat. That was however until a man called Tony Hinds claimed to have found a human tooth, complete with filling, in his packets of sausages. The 27-year-old claims he found the knasher inside Tesco’s pork and chive sausages. Apparently Tesco were just as shocked at the finding and issued a £25 voucher to Mr Hinds for his ordeal. Moral of the story: become a vegetarian.