Raymond’s Brave New World


04-FEB-Raymond-NotarangeloOk – I’m slightly nervous now…

My first ever blog. My first ever effort at this strange world of tagging and linking. And my first ever attempt at content uploading.

It’s a big day for me.  But probably a bigger day for my co-Director Scott who has been waiting nearly a year for me to tip my toes into, what is more me, is the very muddy waters of Web 2.0.

Why is that? Probably a combination of two things – a genuine disbelief (which seems to be very consistent with guys of my age) of the value of Web 2.0 and what it can specifically do for our business; and the fact that I think I’ll have nothing of interest to people out their in web-land.

But as befits anyone who has followed hibs for as long as I have, I am ever the optimist that I will get this.

So stick with me on my journey. And please do give me any encouragement.

And likewise, I’d be happy to hear from anyone who thinks my initial misgivings are true.  But then again how would you find this….