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Rainy Day Reading

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For any young, budding doctor, nurse out there or even one intrigued with brain surgery then I am sure you were keeping an eye on the tweets coming from Houston hospital as it live tweeted pictures, videos and up to the minute commentary of them carrying out brain surgery. The hospital tweeted fascinating pictures of the surgery, including the scalp with the markings on it where the incision would be made, to the MRI imagery. If you could stomach the graphic images then this twitter journey from start to finish would have been amazing to watch.
Live tweeting has made a huge impact on the social networking site, it was estimated that approximately 14 million people from Mexico to Australia followed the brain resection on an unnamed 21-year-old girl as Dr. Dong Kim removed a benign tumour from her posterior right temporal lobe. Live tweeting of surgeries offer a great insight into how the medical profession works behind the scenes but one question to ask is, who is being paid to send live tweets instead of helping with the surgery? 



The Saatchi Gallery in London is known for pushing the boundaries of modern art, and often showcases a host of weird and wonderful installations, sculptures and photography.
I was fascinated at some of the pieces last time I visited, and was browsing YouTube watching past exhibitions when I came across something so crazy, even for Charles Saatchi’s taste.
In 2008, controversial Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu created the installation, ‘Old Person’s Home’ which is hilariously funny, thought provoking and deeply moving. Watch for yourself!


For a brand that I thought had disappeared C & A seem to be doing quite well. No longer in Britain the Brazilian brand still operates in a few European countries like Austria, Turkey and is soon to land in Egypt. The clothing store is making a conscious effort to remain current with a new social media strategy that has just launched on Facebook. ‘Fashion Like’ is a new campaign which encourages customers to like items on C & A’s Facebook page and this then shows up in real time on the coat hangers of these items. It is quite a nice idea but I’m not sure what the point in the whole thing is. Do they think that more people will buy the items that have the most likes? I’m not so sure.



It was common knowledge that independent Scottish brewer, Brewdog, would be awarded with the ‘Bar Operator of the Year Award 2012’ at the annual British Institute of Innkeeping (BII) Scottish Awards that were held on Sunday 6 May. So when it was announced that Diageo, a global drinks giant and corporate sponsor of the event, had won the award, expressions of bewilderment and murmurings of confusion filled the room. The panel of judges insisted that Brewdog were clearly voted as winners and that this simply could not be the case. It has since came to light that members of Diageo staff who were in attendance at the awards “bullied” judges into awarding them the title with threats to pull their sponsorship from future events. Under pressure the panel felt they had no choice but to announce Diageo as winners, despite the trophy being engraved with ‘Brewdog.’
Perhaps Diageo thought their actions would be swept aside and forgotten about, but I think it is safe to assume that this has not been the case. This is an example extremely poor PR from Diageo, whereas Brewdog appear to have handled the situation exceptionally, successfully getting #andthewinnerisnot trending across Twitter. Kudos!



If you find yourself tormented by a local boy racer intent on causing havoc take note from this prank in Poland where one lad’s car was hoisted onto the top of a tree!
Parked boldly amongst the tree branches this solution seemed the only one possible to get Zbigniew Filo off the roads!
No one has taken responsibility for the prank but it’s been revealed that a mobile crane had been borrowed for the night.
If he’s that mental I reckon he’ll climb it and try and drive it out!