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If you cringed at Liu Xianping’s cross dressing or are as shocked as Sarah about the rise of labiaplasties, let us know via Facebook or Twitter.


Most granddads are content watching the telly, sipping a cuppa and completing a crossword.  But Chinese grandfather Liu Xianping has found some new happiness in modelling granddaughter Lv Ting’s fashion designs, which are created especially for young women.
The 72-year-old originally dressed up in miniskirts, tights and lace as a bit of fun for Ting’s photo shoot, but to their surprise, the pictures became an internet sensation.
Weighing just 7st 12lb with a pair of long and slender legs, Mr Xianping’s figure is akin to that of a catwalk model. The peculiar promotion is proving successful, as Ting’s label Yuekou has witnessed a fivefold increase in sales.
To see Mr Xianping’s photo shoot, click on the link below:


With the end of the year approaching, it seems like everyone in our office is trying to use up holidays to avoid the risk of losing our previous rest days.
I am taking a long weekend as of 5pm today and have already highlighted, ‘set up out of office’ on my daily to do list as an essential prerequisite before heading out of the door.
Occasionally I come across quirky out of office blurbs which give me a giggle, and am always tempted to write something a bit humorous to mix it up, although my professionalism usually stops me in my tracks.
I laughed at this below list of some inspiring out of office emails, I think my usual most reflects the second example!
What is the wackiest example you have come across?



Growing up I had no idea what boobs jobs and Botox were, let alone what the word labiaplasty entailed or implied. Nowadays however, this cosmetic procedure seems to feature in the pages of the press and glossy magazines on a daily basis. The most recent news story relating to this twenty-first century fad is featured in the Sun newspaper. The paper claims that hundreds of girls under the age of 14 have had labiaplasties on the NHS within the last six years – 343 to be precise. Surely I am not the only one who finds this worrying – yet with TV programmes like ‘Embarrassing Bodies’ and reality shows featuring characters (both male and female) who appear nearly wholly created out of silicon and orange rubber, are we really surprised that younger and younger children are feeling the need to change the fundamental way their bodies are put together? We need to sort out our priorities before designer vaginas top flu jabs on our list of medical priorities.


Lopping the penis off a cheating partner is a crime we’ve seen in the UK nationals, it’s rare but it happens. Jump across to Thailand and you have yourself a penile amputation epidemic so grand, it led researchers to delve into this morbid crime.
It became fashionable in the 1980s for the humiliated Thai wife to wait in the night whilst her cheating husband slept peacefully, before a rude awakening in the form of a DIY penis amputation.
It was so common that the Thai saying ‘I better get home or the ducks will have something to eat,’ -which refers to their wandering genitalia – became a common joke.
If you’re eating your lunch, don’t worry there is no pictures and for the morbidly curious I’m sorry there’s no pictures.


Fans of the Pixar tearjerker Up and those who enjoy the idea of attaching a wack load of balloons to the roof in the style of the hit movie will love this.
If you want to make that dream happen you might just be able to with this crafty calculator which provides an exact figure of how many balloons you need for lift-off.
I think those with a garden shed should give this a test!