Radio Scotland Coverage Brings New PR in Scotland For Hedge Protestors

by Holyrood PR

Thursday, November 5th, 2009



Campaign group Scothedge has received another boost to its PR in Scotland afte being featured prominently on BBC Radio Scotland.

Scothedge co-ordinator Pam McDougall was interviewed on the station following a demonstration at the Scottish Parliament, where more than 40 members of the group lobbied MSPs to sort out the problem of “hedge rage” in Scotland.

The campaign group is fighting for a change in legislation to be introduced in Scotland to tackle the problem of high hedges and nuisance vegetation. At the moment there are no limits on the height that hedges and tress can be grown in private residences – meaning that neighbours are often living in the shadow of huge overgrown vegetation and are embroiled in bitter disputes with the owners of the hedge.

Scothedge enjoys a high media profile and positive headlines thanks to a dedicated Scottish public relations strategy implemented by Holyrood PR.

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