Eagle Couriers office involved in SME PR Success

Radio Stations Praise Eagle Couriers as Highway Heroes for Traffic Updates

Eagle Couriers Media Coverage

Radio Stations Praise Eagle Couriers as Highway Heroes for Traffic Updates

Eagle Couriers Media Coverage

Scottish delivery service praised on radio thanks to B2B PR campaign

B2B PR photography Eagle Couriers cars in traffic by Holyrood PR Edinburgh

Most people think Scotland’s largest delivery firm, Eagle Couriers, just delivers parcels and documents  but it actually delivers most of Scotland’s employees to their workplaces as well. B2B PR

The 110-strong fleet are amongst the most regular callers to the traffic updates on Radio Clyde, Radio Forth, BBC Radio Scotland and other radio stations, making sure people know the best routes to go to get to their work on time.

The Eagle Courier team are on the road all day, making the ideally placed for spotting any traffic problems throughout the day, giving commuters a chance to change routes or avoid the worst blackspots where traffic is jammed oir fouled up.

According to Eagle Couriers Director Jerry Stewart, it’s just one of those little extra touches Eagle staff pride themselves on.

He said:  “Our vehicles are out on the road before, during and after the major rush hours and quite often they are nimble enough to get round the major blocks, so it only makes sense for us to share that knowledge with others. We instruct our couriers how they should act if an accident happens. Read this post about car accident aftercare from Heninger Garrison Davis as it can be useful for each driver.

“Also, lots of people only see the roads at rush hours but our guys are constantly out there, so all throughout the day we’re sending in updates on road conditions.

“It’s just one of those things. It makes perfect sense for us to do this instead of just keeping the information to ourselves  – and we want the roads to be as clear as possible for ensuring we stick to our reputation as fast delivery experts.”

A spokeswoman for Bauer Radio, owners of Radio Clyde and Radio Forth, said: “It’s great that the couriers at Eagle help provide us with updates. Along with hundreds of others they help make sure our listeners get to their destinations as quickly and safely as possible.”

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