Quick, healthy meals for busy people

by Scott Douglas

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

Advice from Tigerlily head chef on keeping meals simple yet delicious

Tigerlily head chef Suzanne O'Connor tells us how to keep meals simple yet delicious. Photographed by Scottish Food and drink PR experts.


SUZANNE O’CONNOR, head chef at the restaurant in Award-Winning Tigerlily, believes there are many ways today’s busy people can incorporate cooking fresh, healthy meals into a fast-paced lifestyle.

She said: “People still tend to think cooking has to be a long drawn out process. They associate cooking fresh food with Sunday roasts or complicated dinner parties – but really, it doesn’t have to be like that.

“For a quick, easy and nutritious meal, just whip up organic scrambled egg with smoked salmon and brioche. Use lots of fresh veg and salad for easy, healthy meals. You can toss a salad and grill some fish for a healthy meal in minutes, just add a squeeze of lemon and a drizzle of olive oil. Look for anything you have in the fridge that can be sauted – courgettes or cherry tomatoes are ideal. Also, anything wok fried can be made super quick, and is so tasty.

“Entertaining can be easy as well – even if you don’t get back from the office until 7 and your guests are arriving at 8. Simply marinate some delicious rib eye steaks in the morning to grill up later on – and serve with a simple potato salad and rocket leaves. Or on the weekend, get the barbecue out to save on hours of cooking and cleaning.

“No matter how busy you are, it’s important to make time to prepare healthy meals and eat well. Busy people need to eat healthily too – you need nutrition and energy to cope with a stressful life.”

“There’s also a tendency to shy away from desserts – but it doesn’t have to involve hours of baking. Try some delicious fresh peaches sauted, and simply add a sprinkling of brown sugar and some mascarpone shavings. Or serve some fresh berries with cream.

“Fresh fruit and veg gets more affordable when you buy in season. It’s the importing that pushes the prices up, so try to buy Scottish food in season. When in season, strawberries will be half the price as they normally would. In June the watercress is beautiful, and the bunches are bigger than ever. Also, organic food is becoming increasingly available so its more affordable than ever – don’t assume it has to be expensive. At Tigerlily, we use free range organic eggs which ensure the best quality.

“Go to farmers markets for cheap, fresh food, but also supermarkets are great as most stock fresh, locally sourced in season veg produce now. If you don’t have time to shop too often, give fresh food extra shelf life by making a huge soup that will last for days, or marinate meat and vegetables. Make a smoothie in the morning and take an organic yoghurt for lunch. Also, try popping out for something fresh in your lunch hour. There are lots of lovely greengrocers in the city and express supermarkets offer more choice too.”

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