QueryClick Nets Global Backing And Headlines Along The Way

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QueryClick, Creative BoomDigital Agency Clicks It Way To PR Scotoland with online headlines. 

QueryClick an Edinburgh based search marketing company, who specialises in improving the performance have been groomed for international success after developing a revolutionary new software tool, winning headlines on CreativeBoom.co.uk along the way.

Founder of the agency Chris Liversidge, has recieved backing from Scottish Enterprise who stepped in after heraing about his new software, which is set to change the face of multi national search. 

The system wil, help businesses scour the web to see how well they perform online in comparison with rivals and uniquely the comparisons can be made on specific search terms on a country-by-country basis.

Until now such as tool was unavailable.

Chris quotes in the article: “Everyone in search marketing wants a tool that does this, but it has never been possible because of the way Google works. We decided to have a go at developing it ourselves and it has worked out better than we ever expected.

“It is virtually impossible to succeed in business without a web prescence which performs well in serach engine results. Crucially businesses want to know how they can perform better and part of that is being able to accurately analyse what rivals are doing.

“This can be done in a broad way at the moment, but being able to search by specific key terms in specific markets is a major gear change. When we explained the implications to Scottish Enterprise they understood immediately.”

QueryClick hopes that being account managed by Scottish Enterprise will open up a whole host of international opportunities they might otherwise have had difficulty realising.

The full article can be read at creativeboom.co.uk and was secured as part of a sustained PR campaign carried out by public relations experts Holyrood PR.