QueryClick Founder Featured in The Marketer

QueryClick Press releases

QueryClick Founder Featured in The Marketer

QueryClick Press releases

Great coverage for QueryClick in The Marketer magazine.

QueryClick were approached this week by a leading magazine and asked to give their opinion for an article entitled “Five tips for staying ahead of Google.”

The feature appeared in The Marketer, the official magazine of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.

The article includes information and advice on Google’s recent developments and the changes being made to its privacy policy.

Google’s Panda update was introduced in April of last year and has had several updates since.  The Panda update is intended to limit the visibility of poor quality content.  

Google recently announced that it would be unifying its privacy policies across all service offerings in March.  This means that it can take information from your Google+ account and use it to deliver personalised search results, relevant to subjects you have shown an interest in.

QueryClick founder Chris Liversidge thinks that as well as benefiting the user, this will also benefit search marketers. “Businesses will be able to reach a more targeted audience via ads on Google” he says.

“Google will be able to figure out exactly what users want and lead them directly to it.  So if they are looking for a hotel in Edinburgh, Google can show them an ad that best suits their preferences based on information from other Google products they use.”

QueryClick is one of Britain’s best providers of search engine marketing for a wide range of companies.

The full article can be viewed here and was secured on behalf of QueryClick by the Holyrood PR