Property PR photography, CALA Homes (East) Currievale success graphic.

Housebuilder’s public consultation lands a spot in media headlines

CALA Homes Media Coverage

Housebuilder’s public consultation lands a spot in media headlines

CALA Homes Media Coverage

PR experts called upon the local community to have its say over Currie development

Property PR photography, CALA Homes (East) Currievale success graphic.

PUBLIC consultation is a vital part of any new housebuilding project – so developers were delighted when their plans were given a major platform.

Responsible developer CALA Homes called on the public to get involved and have their say over new proposals for much-needed family homes in a popular Edinburgh suburb.

Thanks to our team of property PR experts that message turned into a clarion call, attracting significant media coverage and ensuring CALA reached the biggest possible audience to allow as many people as possible to get involved.

The story reached importance local media, specialist press and social media, bringing in:

The proposals have also been discussed on community council social groups, with the Currievale community link being shared around to residents across Edinburgh.

That meant it was mission accomplished for CALA Homes, which wanted to ensure the local community was given its chance to share the widest possible range of views on the proposed Currievale plans.

Meanwhile, many of the articles also shared the all-important link to the dedicated project consultation website:

It was crucial that this story reached the right people, which is why article in regional media titles were so important, ensuring neighbours and other residents close to the development would be kept informed about potential changes to where they live.

Furthermore, the residents are being asked for their opinion, clearly demonstrates CALA Homes’ long and proud commitment to public consultation and taking on detailed feedback to help shape its developments.

But the successful property PR campaign deliver even more value – because it also puts the proposals on the radar of potential home buyers, allowing interested families and others to register their interest for the sought-after location as early as possible.

The abundance of trade coverage also boosts CALA’s reputation among its supplier, stakeholders, customers and the wider business community.

You can read the original media release here.

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