by Scott Douglas

Tuesday, November 18th, 2003

Property PR experts help tell property agent’s rock star listing

Property PR photography for distinctive flat owned by aspiring rock star

AN ASPIRING rock star who also doubles as an interior designer is putting his stylish flat on the market after winning an exclusive recording deal in London.

Hunters-psm, the leading Edinburgh estate agents solicitors’ latest offering is flat 6, Dorset Place.  The extremely modern two-bedroomed flat is on the market at offers over £105,000 and is on the banks of the Union Canal which is a stones throw away from Edinburgh Quay.

Rob Ellis, 25, the up and coming pop idol was fortunate enough to play the piano and perform his own material at the request of Madonna and Guy Ritchie at their wedding in exclusive Highland bolthole, Skibo castle, where previously he was the youngest ever entertainment manager.

Rob, who now runs his own interior design business, Blast, renovated the property himself over six months and uses it as a showcase for his work. The flat comprises sleek, sophisticated, streamlined surfaces and lines with natural calming hues in every room except the hall where a three toned magenta, fuchsia and cerise wall meets the eye.

Property PR photography for distinctive flat owned by aspiring rock star

The flat has a modern and contemporary feel which has a 1970’s theme running through, especially the hall which plays host to a variety of memorabilia from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. A Union Jack dress on a female shaped torso in a glass case similar to the one Geri Halliwell wore at the Brit awards takes pride of place.

He said: “When she came out on stage in that dress it was a defining pop moment for my generation. Geri’s was made out of a tea towel and it was eventually auctioned off for charity and made something like £48,000. Obviously I couldn’t afford the real thing, so I had a replica made for me by a designer friend.”

Property PR photography for distinctive flat owned by aspiring rock star

Other displays in the flat include the framed front cover of a 1978 Playboy magazine over a women’s negligee, a framed original copy of John Lennon’s Imagine and a framed copy of the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour including an eight-page pullout.  Also the hall contains various prints of the Dukes of Hazzard, Farrah Fawcett Majors and the original 1970’s Charlie’s Angels.

But Rob’s humour and love of showbiz is best summed up by a series of boxed Muppet figures set up in Luvvie poses and mounted on the wall.

He said: “The puppets on the wall are just a bit of a laugh. I’m a bit sad because the figures were being given away with McDonalds Happy Meals – I made my mates drive round all the restaurants in Edinburgh until I had them all.

“I started off putting Kermit and Miss Piggy in a box with a showbiz theme, then decided to create backdrops for the whole range. It’s good fun and meant as a bit of a laugh.


Property PR photography for distinctive flat owned by aspiring rock star

Intricate use of lighting is used which is a main feature running throughout the flat.  The lounge contains blue fibre optic lights which run along the split level step between two floors to create a sophisticated nightclub feel.  In the kitchen, white fibre optic lighting strips are placed along the floor and set off against cherry cabinets, black granite effect worktops and dark slate flooring.

Rob added: “On the floor I put a very dark slate which actually comes from a quarry near where my mother lives in the Lake District. It’s called Kirkstone Quarry near Coniston and every piece is very individual.

“I have put this in a few of the flats I have done up and it is always really popular because it works a treat. It is actually laid on a rubberised adhesive which allows it to move, otherwise they would be uneven. The tiles are not fixed to the floor, they actually move pretty freely.”


The kitchen offers a modern feel with a twist.  The stainless steel utensils are set off against a striking charcoal wall in a tone called Bowler Grey and alongside a butcher’s block, a coca-cola sign and soft lighting create the impression of a New York diner or the kitchen of a New York loft apartment.

Property PR photography for distinctive flat owned by aspiring rock star

The theme for natural and organic runs heavily throughout the flat. Freshly cut oriental lilies are used to create an inviting impression which is reflected in the flat’s neutral use of colours and fabrics in the bedroom, bathroom and dining room.

The relaxing bathroom ties in with the minimalist theme as it is furnished to provide a Japanese/Zen theme with silver, white and black colours contrasting but complimenting one another.

The dining room has a 1970’s romantic twist as it contains a canopied ceiling, a chandelier and candles while the lamps and glitter balls enhance the 1970’s lounge lizard feel.

He added: “As you can see from the glitter balls I have gone for a really 70s feel. There was a big 70s style frieze on the wall but I took that down. I suppose the feel is slightly camp, but it’s tongue in cheek and a lot of fun.”

Property PR photography for distinctive flat owned by aspiring rock star

The flat has been finished to an exceptional standard and with Rob’s attention to detail and interior design skills a neutral canvas has been created with striking design mechanisms.

He said: “Lots of people have seen programmes like Changing Rooms and been encouraged to try this kind of thing for themselves. However those programmes also encouraged lots of builders to rename themselves as interior designers the majority of their work involves the use of MDF which gives great immediate results but does not provide a high quality finish. The problem with that – and with those programmes – is that it looks great for the cameras or for six months but it doesn’t last.

“What I try to do is give people interiors that are stylish, cutting edge, and desirable but created from the highest quality materials so they last – because it’s not just for the cameras.”


Matthew Gray, property director with Hunters-psm said: “It came as no surprise to me that Rob is about to make it big in the music business, because he has really gone for rock star chic in his flat.

“It’s amazing to think that if the music deal hadn’t come up for him he would no doubt have become a very successful interior designer. What is most impressive is that once you look beyond Rob’s personal touches the flat actually has a minimalist feel.

“He has been extremely clever and quite innovative with his use of lighting to create a strong focal point in every room alongside the use of colour and accessories.

“I don’t think this property will be on the market very long because it is ideal, stylish bachelor pad at a great price in a great location.”

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