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European demand for Irish TEFL teachers amid Brexit fallout

The TEFL Org Press releases

European demand for Irish TEFL teachers amid Brexit fallout

The TEFL Org Press releases
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DEMAND for people from the Republic of Ireland to teach English as a foreign language in Europe has increased dramatically following Brexit.

The world’s leading TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) firm, The TEFL Org, has revealed the emergence of a distinct trend with employers seeking EFL teachers who already have a right to work in Europe.

And with the Republic of Ireland firmly remaining in the EU, the firm is urging interested individuals to seize the chance of teaching positions now, while the demand is so high.

Jennifer Mackenzie, Co-Founder of The TEFL Org, said: “Across Europe, in countries such as Spain, we’re seeing the majority of job adverts specifically request that teachers already have the right to work in the country.

“This opens many opportunities for Irish TEFL teachers, particularly as they no longer have to compete against British teachers for jobs.

“It has suddenly become easier for Irish citizens to get jobs teaching English in their dream foreign location. This is good news for people who may have had their job affected by the pandemic, or those simply looking for a new challenge.

“TEFL courses can be accessed from anywhere, with a range of online learning that offers a gateway into exploring new cities and places while completing rewarding and important teaching work.

“We would encourage anyone in the Republic of Ireland who is considering teaching abroad to do so, as now is the ideal time.”

A recent study by English Language Teaching job platform,, recorded that of all European language schools canvassed, around 60-100% of all current staff were either already European residents or had applied for permanent residency, with a general consensus that teachers from Ireland could now have a greater choice of EU jobs.

The TEFL Org, who have secured more accreditations than any other provider, believe that the new requirements to employ British workers is driving demand in the Irish market to unprecedented levels.

Britain’s new status as a non-EU country means EU employers need to obtain a work authorisation for British employees, which will only be approved if roles fall within the activities listed in the shortage occupations list. Employees will then have to apply for a work and residence visa.

One school in Malta revealed that many of their summer teachers were previously from the UK but with the necessity for them to now obtain a work permit, costing around €280, this will inevitably change.

Launched from a garden shed in the middle of the 2008 financial crash by founders Joe Hallwood and Jennifer MacKenzie, the TEFL Org is established as a market leader, with more qualifications secured than any other provider.

Responsible for training over 140,000 EFL teachers over a 10 year period, the firm provides a range of flexible in-person and online courses, ranging from 20 hours to 188 hours.

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