Prison Project Benefits Sheltered Housing

Bield Housing And Care Press releases

Prison Project Benefits Sheltered Housing

Bield Housing And Care Press releases


Local PR for Bield 

Tenants at a local very sheltered housing complex are now able to enjoy quality time outside thanks to a prison operated donation scheme.

Bield’s Carron Court in Bathgate partnered up with HMP Addiewell to provide its tenants with an outside area that they can now enjoy to its fullest potential. 

Scotland’s leading provider of housing, care and community services for older people, tasked inmates at Addiewell prison to build and donate garden furniture for tenants at Carron Court as a way of further enhancing their experiences at the complex. 

The Engagement and Community Project provides prisoners with the opportunity to contribute to their local community in a positive way, whilst also enriching the lives of many.  

Jennifer Marshall, Scheme Manager for Bield’s Carron Court said: “I heard about the prison project through a friend and thought that it was a fantastic scheme that we should definitely get involved in at Carron Court.

“Tenants had previously asked me about getting benches for the garden, so when we heard about the scheme it seemed like the perfect opportunity. 

“With the help of the inmates at HMP Addiewell our tenants now gain a lot of enjoyment from their garden. When the Scottish weather allows it, they are able to sit outside and take pleasure in a chat with passers by.”

Prisoners also provided Carron Court with a number of potted planters to brighten up the outside decking area of the very sheltered housing complex.

Bield – a registered charity – has over 40 years experience of providing quality housing and care services for older people in Scotland. 

This coverage was secured with the West Lothian Courier as part of a sustained PR campaign carried out by Holyrood PR on behalf of Bield.