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26 Mar Stephanie Intern Profile (3)By Stephanie Sarafilovic

AFTER graduating from University I quickly learnt that if you want to have a successful career in PR, you need to gain lots of experience.

No employer will consider your application if you can’t prove that you’ve had hands-on experience in the industry. When the opportunity arose for me to Intern at Holyrood PR, I was really excited to gain experience at such a well respected and established agency.

There is a common misconception about PR Internships which suggests that you will spend your time getting everyone tea and coffee, filing documents and doing the lunch run. My time at Holyrood couldn’t have been further from that.

Despite having completed internships before, I was still very nervous before my first day. I spent the night before trying on multiple outfits to make sure I made a good first impression. It turns out that all of my nerves were for nothing. After walking through the doors of the office I was instantly greeted by every member of the team and immediately felt relaxed.

I began my morning with a weekly meeting where the Directors spent time explaining each project to me in detail. After that, I truly was thrown it at the deep end – and I loved it! I was briefed on new releases and was left to make some calls before writing my first drafts.

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Within days I was invited to join the team at a launch event for one of their clients which was really exciting for me. It instantly made me feel like part of the team and I enjoyed gaining firsthand experience of how a launch event is run. I was even lucky enough to join in with a bit of team karaoke after the event – or unlucky depending on how you rate our vocal skills.

I have enjoyed working at Holyrood and each day I have been kept on my toes. I learnt very quickly that the ‘To Do’ list you write in the morning will grow as the day goes on. It’s a good thing there is always a member of the team doing a tea and coffee run!

I have been given a diverse range of work during my time here including researching and writing press releases for multiple clients, speaking to journalists and monitoring the social media accounts. I even got to make my big screen debut on HPR TV!

My time at Holyrood has been busy and I can’t believe that the month is over so soon. Everyone here has been helpful and fun to be around, making the experience one to remember. My personal highlight was seeing press releases that I wrote gaining coverage in the press. You can see some of the coverage here.

As my time here comes to an end, I’m sad to be leaving but I have no doubt that my time at Holyrood has prepared me for the next stage in my PR career and I will always be thankful to the team for that.

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