How PR Video played a key role in top legal firm’s team building day

by Fraser Clarke

Friday, February 23rd, 2018

PR Video plays major role at top legal firm's Away Day

Find out how we took part in Gilson Gray’s ‘Away Day’ and why PR Video helped bring the event to life

CHALLENGER law firm Gilson Gray strives to be unlike any of its legal rivals – and its runaway success is a testament to the power of doing things differently.

In fact, the company prides itself on not only saying it is different from the typical law firm, but by living, breathing and demonstrating those differences every day.

So, when it came to holding an away day for more than 100 staff from its offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Gilson Gray was bound to do things differently again.

First up, the event was brought to life thanks a string of speakers and presentations, both from within Gilson Gray and from trusted external partners – like the team here at Holyrood PR.

We’ve been providing PR support to the company since it launched, delivering huge amounts of positive and valuable media coverage which has been instrumental in helping the firm to grow exponentially.

With that in mind, it was only natural that Holyrood PR co-director Raymond Notarangelo would be asked to speak, supported by senior account executive, Fraser Clarke. Their presentation was on the Power of PR and how it will continue to help Gilson Gray to develop – and it earned widespread plaudits from attendees.

Storytelling is at the heart of the success we deliver for clients – and an essential and increasingly-important tool in the storytelling kit is video. We recommend our clients should eagerly embrace video storytelling and to help them with this we have offered expert,  in-house video services for a decade. You can find out more about our video services by clicking here.

So, we were delighted when Gilson Gray found yet another way to expressively set itself apart from many of its rivals (which are often perceived as stuffy and old-fashioned), by capturing its entire away day event on video. You can watch the video below, or by visiting the Gilson Gray website here.


Why bother with PR Video?

If your business still treats video as an afterthought, you’re in serious danger of being left behind by the competition.

Gilson Gray’s video shows how to capture and showcase such an important company event – and will help its staff, past and present, to embrace the firm’s vision and purpose, which were painstakingly shaped through extensive consultation with 100 plus staff.

As well as perfectly encapsulating the firm’s values, such a video gives the firm – and its staff – a rich resource to share with clients, potential clients, partners and other stakeholders.

Such video also helps bring to life the firm, showing its people and how the company goes about its business in a totally authentic way that no printed brochure or sales material could ever match.

Such dynamic content also makes the company website more accessible and more dynamic – while search engines also reward relevant video content by making websites easier to find by ranking them higher in search engine results for important key search terms. That means more business.

In short, the video from Gilson Gray’s away day projects and amplifies its message as one of the most forward-thinking law firms in Scotland to as many people as possible and acts a quality bit of content that will stand the test of time.

Where will I use my shiny, new PR Video?

Once you have your final video, the sheer number of ways it can be used are mind-boggling.

Of course, any business wants up-to-date, professional and relevant video on its website. This is where people can really get to know your company and you can sell yourself to potential customers by making your business stand out from the crowd.

However, it shouldn’t stop there.

Social Media

Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter – you know the names of the big platforms and its almost certain you use them on a daily or weekly basis.

When you provide compelling, relevant and interesting videos that help tell the story of your business interested people – including potential new staff, as well as possible new clients – will watch.

Almost as importantly, by providing this kind of video, your proud existing staff and clients will also share the video – widely. Few things will turbocharge your reputation as quickly as a compelling video shared by many people.

The high quality video shot on Gilson Gray’s ‘Away Day’ will provide great content to be used time and again on a host of different platforms and will provide a great way for people to find out more about its work and why it operates in the way it does.

Do you want to utilise the expertise of our PR Video experts for your business?

Whatever way you look at it, great video content shows off your business in its best light, will set you apart as a forward-thinking company, willing to embrace new technology and ideas.

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