PR tricks and spells on how to solve them


Things that go bump in the PR night: Overcoming tricky situations with our Scottish PR agency

MUCH like All Hallows’ Eve, public relations can be full of unexpected tricks and treats.

When scary PR situations pop up, having the right tools and expertise can help you overcome the shadows of doubt.

At Holyrood PR, we’re your partners for navigating any hair-raising PR challenges. Our seasoned team has got your back when you need some extra support facing down ominous obstacles. Read on for common creepy PR problems and how we can help slay them.

Escape the darkness of obscurity with media relations

Trick: Your business toils away, creating exceptional products and services, yet no one seems to take notice. You feel destined to remain in obscurity, a nameless ghost amidst the crowd.

Treat: Our media relations services give you the boost you need to make your brand seen and heard. By securing coverage in respected news outlets, we heighten your exposure, so you become a recognised name in your industry. Our strategic outreach extends your reach beyond your current customer base, opening doors to new opportunities. Plus, visual features in print, online, and broadcast media reinforce your authority and credibility, leaving a memorable impression. With our media relations, your business will no longer feel invisible.

The power to face public scrutiny

Trick: Uh oh, your business is facing a reputational crisis, and negative headlines are snowballing out of control. You feel powerless against the tides of public scrutiny threatening to swallow you whole.

Treat: Holyrood PR’s crisis communications and media training equip you with a ghost-busting toolkit. Thorough preparation and planning help you get ahead of potential problems, creating response strategies for any crisis. When tough situations arise, we’re by your side with the messaging mastery to communicate effectively and dispel misinformation. Our training builds confidence to navigate PR challenges with poise and professionalism. Consider us your armour against the most daunting reputation management monsters.

Escape the online ghost town with a social media boost

PR tricks and spells in media relations, crisis communications and social media, how to overcome tricky situations with Scottish PR agency

Trick: You glance at your social media pages and website, only to find tumbleweeds and cobwebs. Your digital presence feels like a ghost town – unseen, unheard, and utterly forgotten.

Treat: Our social media and digital PR experts will raise your online profile from the dead. Using strategic content creation and social posting, we ensure your brand stands out from the social media shadows. Our engaging digital presence fosters meaningful interactions with your audience to build lasting connections. Staying ahead of trends keeps your content fresh and enticing. With our digital PR skills, your online ghost town transforms into a thriving hub of activity.

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