Website Redevelopment

PR agency helps deliver websites loved by customers and search engines, thanks to blend of content and technical excellence

A WELL-constructed, highly-optimised and regularly-updated website is the most powerful way to promote your business.

When managed properly it is also a way to ensure that your name appears on the front page of search results for all the key words which drive business to you, instead of to your rivals.

More importantly, the ideal website is not only a destination, it is also a powerful sales conversion tool – turning leads and prospects into customers through a funnel which is completely trackable at every stage.

An outstanding website blends three very different disciplines – communication expertise; web coding and development skills; and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) best practice.

The complexities of weaving these together defy most businesses, which simply do not have the skills in-house. Even specialist firms in each of these areas often do not fully understand the other disciplines.

Website redevelopment is among the services offered by Edinburgh PR agency, Holyrood PR

This means there are huge benefits and advantages to be accrued by the small number of forward-thinking businesses which DO address these issues.

Holyrood PR can take away the pain, by project managing the entire website redevelopment process. We partner with both leading SEO specialists and respected web designers to help companies and businesses create websites which are future-proofed and deliver tangible web business benefits.

What’s more, we do all of this in plain English.

This allows your team to continue working on what they do best in your business, confident that at the end of the process, you will not only have the ideal website, but trusted professionals who can train your staff how to get the maximum value from the site for years to come.

An initial report focusing on Google PageRank and current performance is followed by a detailed audit of internal, external and customer users to establish views on functionality and flaws in your website.

We can then go on to implement a redesign and management strategy suited to you and completed within three months. We also offer training services to ensure your website continues to deliver success.

We have assisted multiple clients with web redesigns, including Lubij, Alba Residential,  Direct Savings and Eagle Couriers, with the aim of dramatically changing the online fortunes of both.

Find out how our PR agency in Scotland can help give you the most powerful website possible

ou’ve already found us and hopefully taken a browse around our own website. That tells you how we practice what we preach when it comes to understanding websites which are easily findable, with the perfect blend of brilliant content on a Google-friendly platform.

We’d love to show you how we can work with any web developer of your choice to make sure you get the website you need an want, that will start working to your benefit immediately.

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