PR Photography

Photography from public relations experts is the surest way to bring your business stories to life

THE POWER of pictures has never been greater – and eye-catching PR photography remains one of the greatest ways to help tell your business stories.

As well as newspapers, magazines and influential trade publications, there are now countless online news sites and blogs, all of which are more likely to feature stories about your business if they are accompanied by PR photos.

All of this reinforces that visual communication has never been more important – just look at the runaway success of Instagram and Pinterest. Meanwhile social media giants Facebook and Twitter are constantly evolving to give more prominence to the massive number of images being shared by users.

As well as massively benefitting your media profile and providing images for social media, you’ll find that cost-effective PR photography will also give your business a powerful resource that can be used on your website and far beyond. By working smartly and planning carefully you will get images that you can use over and over, in multiple ways.

Yet photography for business is often overlooked, because of the availability of stock images – even though such sterile images leave your website or brochures looking fake, unable to stand out and may even harm your ability to attract discerning new clients or customers.

Arranging professional photography ensures you have high-quality images which really reflect the real people, places and services involved in your business. Photography enables your customers to put faces to names and see your company’s personality.

What’s more , when you arrange PR photography through Holyrood PR, we make sure that you own the pictures and can reuse them whenever you want, in brochures, websites, newsletters and the media. That isn’t the case with every agency you work with. Some photographers demand additional fees for different uses – and may even levy new charges every year for you to continue using images.

The great news is that getting such images needn’t be expensive, difficult or otherwise off putting. The team at Holyrood PR have worked with scores of clients on hundreds of photo assignments, meaning we are adept at planning, organising and delivering such projects while putting the subjects at ease.

PR photography from public relations agency

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While some PR agencies like to tell you about the coverage they can deliver, we prefer to show you – so that you can see real PR action and see exactly how our stories, pictures and videos translate into powerful headlines