Media Relations

Every business is a media business – and help from PR experts can make the difference between success and failure

IN THE age of the web everyone is a publisher – which means it has never been more important to feature in the media that really matter.

Reputable newspapers, magazines and news broadcasters have never reached such huge audiences, whether on paper, on air or online.

There are many benefits from the enhanced public profile delivered by a successful PR campaign from respected public relations experts like those at Holyrood PR in Edinburgh.

Media coverage is the most powerful way to celebrate the expertise of your staff, launch a product, raise brand awareness or mark important business milestones.

Coverage in newspapers, trade journals, magazines, radio and TV stations also helps reach stakeholders, investors and potential new staff.

Each item of coverage is likely to come with an online link from a trusted and recognised news source. This can boost your SEO by making your website more findable on search engines and rank higher for important search terms on Google, so increasing traffic.

We specialise in identifying stories which businesses and organisations often can’t see themselves – then we tell those stories in a compelling way to the widest possible audience.

Every opportunity for a picture, image or video is included in your PR mix to improve the chances of your news being spread and shared online.

After decades working in the media, our appetite for headlines is greater than ever.

Photo of a news stand to demonstrate media relations

See our PR in Action

While some PR agencies like to tell you about the coverage they can deliver, we prefer to show you – so that you can see real PR action and see exactly how our stories, pictures and videos translate into powerful headlines