Influencer marketing

Sometimes you don’t need to reach everybody, just a handful of the right influencers

INFLUENCER marketing puts the focus on getting your brand or business name in front of small number of the most influential people, rather than the widest possible audience.

We can help you identify the people who wield real influence over your potential clients customers. Then we can help you get your strongest possible messages in front of them – so that they tell your story to their followers.

That kind of independent, third-party endorsement is incredibly powerful, akin to putting the value of word of mouth endorsements on steroids. Whether you want to get in front of the most-followed Instagrammers, respected bloggers, renowned media reviewers & columnists or other niche specialists, we can help.

We’ve ensured clients have reaped success with a wide and varied range of influencers, including hair and beauty bloggers, travel writers, hotel concierges, airline magazine writers, business PAs and many more.

Find out how we can craft an influencer marketing campaign to benefit your business by checking out the examples below, then get in touch:

Isn’t it time your brand or business deserved the benefits of superb influencer marketing?

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