Drone Filming Costs

Edinburgh PR agency details drone costs for aerial video production

THE DEMAND for drone filming in Scotland is soaring. More brands are reaching out, asking questions about how we can showcase their product, brand or event in a new and visually engaging way.

The solution they are often looking for is drone filming – shooting footage from a birds-eye view, capturing their message from an aerial advantage.

Drone videography is great. It allows us to extend our overall services that we can offer to clients, current and prospective, as well as having a little bit of fun whilst doing it… (shh!).

But with the appetite for drone filming increasing, we believe in staying true to our values by remaining transparent with our drone costs. Just like our broader PR costs, we believe in letting everyone know, right off the bat, what our fees are for this service.

Drone video is booming. The demand is there for all to see. Some sectors – notably the construction, surveying and agriculture industries – have been quick to spot the many advantages of drone filming in Scotland and utilise it for their websites, social channels and sales presentations. Read our feature blog post by HPR videographer, Seb.


Our fee structure for drone filming in Scotland is simple.

We charge £160 per hour for drone set-up and actual filming, and then £80 per hour for travel outwith Edinburgh, as well as the time spent editing the footage. 

That means we can typically provide a stunning, fully edited, aerial panoramic video, capturing your business and nearby landmarks from around £480 incl. VAT.

To become commercially certified and trained to operate a drone in Scotland requires training and specific Civil Aviation Authority qualifications, something that our videography team boasts. We believe in being safe, organised and, most importantly, legal, when dealing with health and safety procedures.

As for length of a drone filming session – it completely depends on the brief, what is expected, weather, distance to travel – there’s a whole lot to consider. However, typically, the drone isn’t usually airborne for more than 1 – 2 hours and we’ll provide a detailed estimate and costing in advance of any job.

Finally, for any project work we require 50% of the costs to be paid up front.

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