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YOUR positive reputation is not only precious, it’s also incredibly fragile. So why would you entrust it to someone without painstakingly checking their credentials?

The problem is, anyone can hang out a sign and set up an online presence then claim to be a social media practitioner or a digital PR expert. By the time you find out they’re not quite what they seem, you may have lost a lot of money – or worse, seen your hard-earned reputation harmed or diminished.

We are justifiably proud of our position as early adopters and pioneers of social media and digital PR and we believe that by demonstrating the sheer depth of our expertise and experience can help you feel sure that you are choosing wisely when it comes to partnering with us.

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The figures below were compiled to October 31, 2018:


Our first blog post was posted on October 31, 2007. Blogging is an essential element of our content-driven website, which went live in February 2009.

Our blog is updated regularly with colourful, insightful and business-friendly posts which set out to answer the questions many people in business have about public relations.

Since October 1, 2009 our website has attracted 948, 873 page views from 295,093 visitors (an average of 8705 page views per month).

It ranks on page one of Google for dozens of vital search terms and our findability in search engines is by far our biggest driver of new business.

HP Sauce is the blog maintained by digital PR experts, Holyrood PR in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Our first Tweet (on our long-running account @holyroodpr) was October 1, 2008.
We have 3284 followers, have Tweeted 13,100 times and have shared 2618 photos and videos.
In the four months from July 1 to October 31, 2018 we averaged 62 Tweets per month, 57,000 impressions per month and 553 engagements per month.

Digital PR experts Holyrood PR maintain a superb Twitter account


The Holyrood PR Facebook Page has been live since April 24, 2009.

From August 1 to October 31, 2018 we published on average 38 posts per month, generating monthly reach of 5212 and monthly impressions of 8230.

That activity attracted an average of 351 engagements per months and 430 clicks per month.

Digital PR experts Holyrood PR in Scotland are active and successful on Facebook


Holyrood PR’s YouTube Channel has been live since August 2008. In that time we’ve uploaded 543 videos which have attracted 159,043 views – that’s an average of 293 views per video.

Of course, this does not even begin to reflect the enormous numbers of views our videos have had on client YouTube sites and social media channels.

The YouTube channel of digital PR experts Holyrood PR in Scotland

Linked In

Our dedicated Holyrood PR page on LinkedIn has 555 followers and attracts around 134 visits every month.

In October 2018 we added 44 posts to LinkedIn, creating 4187 impressions (an average of 95 per post) and 562 interactions (an average of 13 per post).

Company LinkedIn profile of digital PR experts, Holyrood PR in Scotland


Since it was launched in December 2014, we’ve shared 64 editions of our regular Priority List newsletters. Those have enjoyed at total of 34,372 opens (average 537 opens per edition) and delivered a whopping 4087 clicks to our website (average of 64 per edition).
That’s an average open rate of 18% and a click rate of 2%.

See for yourself how colourful and engaging a regular newsletter could be for your business, by having a quick look over some of the past editions of our PR newsletter, The Priority List.

The Priority List is a PR newsletter from digital PR experts at Holyrood PR in Edinburgh.

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