Content Strategies

Trusted PR experts can deliver a well-planned content strategy which will give you web content for months to come

SOCIAL media experts at award-winning Scottish public relations agency  Holyrood PR in Edinburgh can deliver your website content, blog posts, videos and plentiful social media updates months in advance.

Typically we work to a three month planning calendar, which is tied to measurable objectives which support a company’s business plan.

This is brilliant for your business because that means you are better able to plan workflow, budgets, promotions and other details.

Yet having a plan doesn’t mean being inflexible.  In fact the exact opposite. Every social media campaign we work on also includes a vital “real time” element, meaning your updates will always be responsive to the big issues and trends of the moment.

Why is this integrated PR and content strategy so important? Think of it like this –  you wouldn’t rely entirely on Trip Advisor to plan a two week activity holiday, would you? You’d plan elements with Trip Advisor as well as using brochures, other online services and maybe trusted travel agents. Then you’d also leave free time to

Onlline content strategy from Scottish public relations agency Holyrood PR in Edinburgh

A content and communications strategy requires various elements – none of which are as effective if used in isolation.

At a strategic level, your content and communications should be integrated into a ‘basket’ of complementary options, involving traditional PR, social media and advertising working together in coherent, strategic, long-term whole.

We complement your content strategy by providing the accompanying media PR, video content and photography – achieving positive coverage in influential media, news outlets and trusted online sources. This includes blogger outreach and ensuring your stories feature in respected media titles which really carry clout and influence, turbo charging a company’s activities across social media and other platforms.

By pushing for carefully targeted traditional media coverage, you not only gain highly-credible third party endorsement and awareness-raising, you also earn valuable inbound web links from online coverage.

A healthy mix of will arm your business with valuable material to include in social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter.