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Turn your blog posts into a powerful tool to attract and convert potential customers, with help from public relations experts

EFFECTIVE social media and traditional public relations work hand-in-hand to ensure you are sharing engaging content that drives traffic to your company website.

However, if that website is out-of-date, stagnant and dull, that traffic is going to exit immediately, meaning all your online efforts are for nothing.

At Scottish public relations agency Holyrood PR in Edinburgh, we believe that the stories at the heart of any business are worth sharing.

We can research, write and upload highly shareable blog posts to your website that convey your business key messages and will inform, entertain and engage your audience while establishing your business as industry leaders.

Ensuring your website stays current can be time consuming, but the expert public relations team at Holyrood PR in Scotland function as a highly efficeint content machine, creating blog posts that tell your business news in a way that is both engaging and shareable.

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Our knowledge of how well designed content enhances search engine optimisation (SEO) means any blog post we craft for you will be designed to reinforce your most important target search terms and ensure they reach the right audience.

Populating your website with compelling content is a sure fire way to boost your Google ranking and drive visitors to your site – and more clicks means more potential customers.

We do this by pushing the new blog content on social media, driving traffic to a website that you can rest assured is up to date and highly populated with great content.

We have provided blog posts for a wide range of PR clients including Lubiju, Orchard and Shipman, WarnersDirect SavingsSBRCEagle Couriers and Edinburgh Physio Centre, who all saw their web pages zoom up the Google rankings.

Our own PR blog has been entertaining readers for many years and has functioned to bring us extremely valuable SEO results that drive us to the top of search engines when potential clients search for a great public relations agency in Edinburgh.

Don’t delay – find out how our public relations agency can boost your business

As multiple PR award winners, you can trust us to start telling your business stories to the world with our blog writing service.

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