Crisis Communications

When the glare of the media spotlight is turned on you, be sure you have support of public relations experts to weather the storm

MANY of our PR clients have worked in controversial or emotive areas – from wind farm developers to the body which inspects nurseries and care homes.

Our expert public relations team has dealt with hundreds of reactive calls every month, often on matters of major reputational risk.

Our Scottish public relations agency, Holyrood PR in Edinburgh, has a superb record in defusing the majority of these and ensuring that any coverage is as fair and positive as possible.

Running alongside our proactive PR campaigns, we also work reactively,  providing a 24-7 press office function for clients like Scottish Water and the Care Inspectorate. That  ensures we are regularly dealing with the media on hot button public relations issues.

What’s more we do all this on a remarkably quick turnaround, usually responding to sensitive inquiries in less than two hours. Speed is even more crucial in the real-time news cycle of the internet and social media.

Fortunately every member of our PR team is extensively trained and extremely adept in negotiating the PR pitfalls of the accelerated and amplified online arena.

We never lose sight of the importance to clients of remaining fully in control, so nothing is ever issued on a client’s behalf without express permission.

Our tried and tested sign off procedures and protocols have been forged while working for clients with complex hierarchies and/or numerous third party stakeholders.

Crisis management from public relations agency

Check out a public relations agency who can be trusted with your most precious asset – your reputation

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