Coronavirus PR support

There has never been a more important time for your message to be heard clearly

CORONAVIRUS PR: The unprecedented impact of Covid-19 is affecting every business and individual across the country. 

It’s ever-changing nature is giving business owners and managers new problems every day, while threatening the very existence of a huge portion of our organisations.

How your business communicates with its key stakeholders will, quite simply, determine whether it survives the pandemic – and how successful you will be on the immediate other side.

Like the 2008 recession, extensive evidence highlights that organisations that managed to continue with proactive public relations, emerged considerably more successful.

In short, they were still relevant.

Coronavirus PR Support image showing a red warning sign highlighting the COVID-19 outbreak | Free to use image, photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

We are currently helping all of our clients adapt to the “new normal”, rising to the challenges that the fight against the novel coronavirus brings.

We could help you in the following areas and more:

  • Media relations – While much of the news agenda is dominated by Covid-19, we can harness this by digging out your stories. In addition, gaps are increasingly emerging for uplifting stories
  • Crisis communications / reputation management – Clearly the response is causing difficult decisions to be made, bringing the potential of press scrutiny. Make sure this is managed effectively before the damage to your brand is permanent
  • Media training – While remote, our experts can guide you through the best tips and advice for getting across your key messages, under pressure, on air, in print or online
  • Video editing – Our in-house video team can quickly adapt self-shot and mobile phone footage to create branded, engaging content for your audiences
  • Social media support – Your followers are almost certainly spending more time online than ever before, but how can you build loyalty and sell without coming across tone-deaf? We can provide you with a suitable social media and content strategy to see you through this challenging time in the healthiest possible position

Coronavirus PR: Find out exactly how our public relations agency can help your business survive the pandemic – and emerge strong and relevant

Storytelling and communications are best delivered by people who spend every day dealing with the media and key stakeholders.

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