Professional Drone Photography and Filming

Holyrood PR is proud to offer Drone Photography and Drone filming as part of its wider PR video and PR photography service.

Holyrood PR is proud to offer Drone Photography and Drone filming as part of its wider PR video and PR photography service.

It is a great time to have a story to tell. We are all surrounded by technology to share our stories faster than ever possible, from anywhere on the planet, in the most different way possible.

We are big believers that good storytelling comes from experience, and knowing what to say to the right people to get it heard. But now and then, it is exciting to bring a whole new perspective to storytelling that sets it apart from all the others.

And by new perspective we mean exactly that.


Using the latest technology provided by the Phantom 4 Pro by DJI, we can offer incredible drone videography in 4K and Full HD video, with the ability to work in low light and bright conditions, and professional RAW photographic imagery. All of this packed into a compact camera attached to an Unmanned Aerial vehicle (UAV) capable of travelling up to 30m/s.

Download our service brochure to drone filming and drone photography to see more of the stunning images we capture.

But with great aerial video and photography, comes great responsibility. To make sure every flight is safe and stress-free for our clients and ourselves, we made sure that Holyrood PR is an insured and registered drone operator, with a qualified pilot with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the UK’s statutory corporation which oversees and regulates all aspects of civil aviation.

We found our drone pilot in our in-house videographer, Craig Sinclair. After several hours of studying aviation theory and testing, Craig was granted his Initial Drone Pilot Standard (IDPS – a recognised qualification of the CAA) in May 2017, where he was commended for his meticulous planning, good communication, high level of situational awareness and professional style and approach.

Craig takes any and all measures to ensure that all drone operations are conducted safely with consideration to the public and property, meanwhile capturing unique, eye-catching drone video and drone photography.

To this day our videographer has completed several successful missions combining his skills as a professional pilot and his years of experience producing captivating and engaging video and photographic content, to capture spectacular aerial video and photography for our clients.


Take your business to the skies with Professional Drone Filming and Drone Photography

Whether you have a properties for sale, capture the imagination of your customers or take a photo from a new perspective, contact our video team using the form below, to find out more.

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