Scottish Physio Centre Helps End Migraine Hell for Patients

The Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre Media Coverage

Scottish Physio Centre Helps End Migraine Hell for Patients

The Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre Media Coverage

Pain Free PR in Scotland for Physio’s Migraine Treatment

PR in Scotland, PR photography Kirstin Lord headshot from Edinburgh Physiotherapy centre

RENOWNED physiotherapist Kirsten Lord has won new recognition for her Scottish practices – after a pioneering migraine treatment was featured on the health pages of the Daily Record. PR in Scotland

Kirsten owns Edinburgh Physiotherapy Centre and its sister clinic in Glasgow.

Her expert team of physios, osteopaths and massage therapists provide pain relief to people with sport injuries, chronic pain and a range of other muscular aches, joint pain and back problems.

Now here role in the new treatment for migraine sufferers has won headlines in the hugely popular Daily Record newspaper – which sells 325,000 copies in Scotland every day.

One of Kirsten’s areas of particular expertise is in physio treatments for the jaw and neck – which can help releive a range of headache-related conditions.

Now she is working in partnership with medics at Edinburgh dental clinic Lubiju, who specialise in dental splints to help treat migraines.

Their joint treatment package, as features on the Daily Record, can also be found on a dedicated migraine page at the Physiotherapy Centre website.

Public relations experts at Holyrood PR work across traditional media and social media in Scotland to ensure the Physiotherapy Centre enjoys a healthy public profile.

The Physiotherapy Centre has been celebrating a high profile piece of media coverage for its innovative golf treatment service – the Swingbuster.

Swingbuster is an assessment designed by Physiotherapy Centre founder Kirsten Lord that prevents golfing injuries and helps players drive longer and straighter than before. By providing players with physio exercises and improving their muscle memory, the treatment encourages better mobility during players’ swings.

The full coverage can be viewed on the Scotsman website.

The Physiotherapy Centre has celebrated another boost to its PR in Edinburgh after being featured in the Evening News “Weekender” supplement.

The newspaper pull-out included the centre’s new course for golfers – the Swingbuster – as one of its weekly Hot Deals for people living in the Capital.

Swingbuster is a special physiotherapy course designed to reduce injuries among golfers by improving their mobility on the course. Developed by Physiotherapy Centre founder Kirsten Lord, it has been endorsed by professional golf bodies as a way of improving your driving accuracy and distance.

Information on the Swingbuster assessment can be found on the centre’s website. The Physiotherapy Centre enjoys positive PR and social media in Scotland thanks to a strategy implemented by the Holyrood PR.

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