PR Evaluation of Europe's newest small nation experiment

by Holyrood PR

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016


The measure of PR success takes more than a gimmick and a smattering of media interest in planned ‘new country’

Utopia sign used by PR Evaluation expertsYOUR business wouldn’t set out on some exciting new plan or launch without knowing exactly what it wanted to achieve and how success would be measured …. would it?

Scarily, many businesses do exactly that. Then find themselves fumbling in the dark trying to achieve goals that never really existed or have shifted a very long way from where they started.

Not so the bold Vit Jedlicka, self-appointed President of Liberland, a new country recognised by, well, pretty much nobody that actually matters.

To his credit, Vit has a very clear set of measurable aims in his vision to create a brand new country in Europe – a libertarian utopia on the border of Croatia and Serbia. However, in the debit column of his vision is the simple fact that his goals are almost certainly not achievable.

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So what lessons does Vit’s glorious pipe dream have for businesses like yours?

We could wax lyrical about ‘daring to dream big’ or having the ambition to say “nothing is impossible”. But let’s get real, because the kids need shod, the dog needs fed and the mortgage needs paid.

Compared with the narrative of planting flags in unclaimed land and starting new societies from scratch, our advice may sound a bit boring – but hey, stick with us here, because measurement and evaluation is definitely where it’s at. Honest.

Since Vit is a former PR man, we’d hope he’s familiar with the Barcelona Principles – the guidelines that help PR agencies like us make sure we are delivering real meaningful results for businesses like you. They instruct on the importance of ensuring that a public relations campaign begins by identifying measurable outcomes that will actually benefit a business.

You know, the important stuff – like ensuring your event is a sell-out, or that your special offer is a runaway success or that your takings and profits increase. (we’ll be honest – the measurable part isn’t easy, but it is absolutely vital).

Isn’t it time you treated your busNewspaper coverage is an essentail part of the public relations services delivered by award winning PR agency, Holyrood PR in Edinburgh, Scotlandiness to the kind of success enjoyed by these businesses? Real, measurable success that boosts the bottom line for companies very much like yours 

So of course it’s good to ‘dream big’ or to challenge thinking about what is or isn’t possible,  but in business (and in public relations)  it’s not enough to simply come up with goals that are measurable –  they also have to be achievable and realistic.

Personally I find Vit’s aims for a deregulated, gun-filled, lawless state pretty undesirable. You may well disagree and, of course, you are very welcome to your own opinion on whether the formation of a new state on the Croatia-Serbia border sounds great in theory.

My interest in this case was piqued after reading this BBC article. Anyone who has ever been involved in a PR campaign knows that coverage on the BBC website is both coveted and valuable.

While it pains me to say it the reality is that  coverage for coverage’s sake simply won’t cut it in modern public relations.

Add that to the fact that Mr Jedlicka’s objectives in this cares are not remotely achievable and what you have here is a simple, gimmicky stunt and not a public relations success story that the team at Holyrood PR would want to be any part of.

Part of the modern PR mantra is to set out realistically the potential for benefit to clients. While PR is capable of doing fantastic and sometimes unexpected things for charities, businesses and organisations, it’s a long way short of establishing a new nation in this instance.

Westeros might not be 100% real buGame of Thrones PR Memet they can teach you more about public relations than Europe’s foetal pretender. 

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