PR Agency highlight Dementia pop-up restaurant

by Craig Sinclair

Friday, June 5th, 2015

PR experts showcase Video during Dementia Awareness Week

TOM FORREST (80) AND MARGARET FORREST (81) WHO WERE MARRIED AT LIVINGSTON REGISTRARY OFFICE LAST ON 26 APRIL.It’s fair to say that as life expectancy increases, so does the increase of one of the UK’s biggest mental illnesses. And because of this, Dementia Awareness Week provides a great platform for recent discoveries, treatments and stories to be discussed

We all know someone who has suffered at the hand of dementia – an eye-opening one in three people, in fact. It affects the ones we love and care – especially women over 65. We are all exposed to stories in the media about married couples, one of which is a dementia sufferer, who often gets confused, distant, and even forgets who their spouse is.

The Changing Times

Culture is changing as the topic of dementia is spoken about a lot more. we see more and more institutions such as restaurants, care services and cinemas, adapting their business to accommodate the 800,000 people diagnosed with dementia as well as their families to give back a little bit of their independence in a comfortable environment.It is also becoming an issue which is covered more in the media as the figures of diagnosis are set to rise.

Find out more about the staff videos we have made for Bield in this blog post.

In the media

One of these businesses, is our client Bield Housing and Care – who recognise the increasing need for more care and support services in Scotland for customers and their families who have lived with dementia and want more help to make their loved ones twilight year the best they can be.

Scotland’s leading housing and care provider, incorporate as many services and activities that encourage social interaction as well as cognitive exercises, such as the reminiscence sessions, where the cared for are given stimulus by a Bield care assistant and asked to reflect on a time of their life.

Bield also understand that it can sometimes be difficult it can be for family members to take loved ones out in a social setting, for fear of a relative becoming confused or upset. And have therefore setup two pop-up restaurants as part of their evening services at Oakburn Park, Milngavie, and Whitehill Day Care, Kirkintilloch. 

Bield share our PR agency’s belief in the power of video and social media. And along with the help and support of their staff and customers are always open to share their story on video.

Mary’s Kitchen and Wee Betty’s Bistro

This day care service in Kirkintilloch was the first to pilot the initiative. The service named after an assistant manager at Whitehill, who died in 2013, encompassed Mary’s passion for sitting down to a family meal. Since it launch, the service has gone from strength to strength following interest in the project from European counterparts and the opening of a second service in Milngavie.

Showcase you product to the world

Let this PR agency’s passion for storytelling help improve your business, through the power of video. If you have a product or service that needs a big launch, more traffic driven to or highlight why your product stand out from competitors, video is the quintessential medium that internet search engines and social media platforms are rewarding by placing your business higher in search rankings.

Our eager and creative video team can help your business produce and cost-effective high-definition video that will improve your business, staff and overall increase your bottom line.

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