PR Experts use data to create a PR Success Story

by Kenny Murray

Saturday, June 18th, 2016

The LinkedIn sale to Microsoft this week isn’t just a headline, it’s a lesson in making the most of your data

big-data-1086802_960_720SILICON Valley is miles away from Scotland and our team of PR experts.

They also seem to have much more money than most SME’s but that doesn’t mean that the recent sale of LinkedIn to Microsoft for £18.5 billion is just a news headline, it’s a lesson for all businesses.

It can be difficult as a small business or even a medium sized organization to see how headlines about LinkedIn being bought for £18.5 billion, Whatsapp being sold for £15.4 billion or even Instagram being bought for £700 million are relevant to your business. The truth is, it is. In some small way at least.

Why have they sold?

The main reason for this sale, many experts have suggested could be for data. With 414 million members across the globe, LinkedIn has such a large audience base that it’s bound to have reams of data. This isn’t meaningless data either. With CV’s for every member ranging from store shelf stackers all the way to Global CEO’s, LinkedIn is big business, with the data to match.

However, data isn’t just for the social media giants. Data is in everything we do. Every business, in existence has access to some form of data that helps shape its ongoing business. Whether it is information on the most popular products/services and who they’re popular with – or even information on peak times for businesses.

What’s the difference between us and them?

The difference is social media giants have had to adapt to the changing media landscape. From being free with no adverts to embracing marketers – data has become a big game. Make no mistake, with social media – you as a consumer are the product. These big networks sell your data on a by second basis. They reap it in and store it. Then they can even predict future purchasing decisions based on data you give them.

You don’t need that level of data though to be a PR success. Working with many businesses, we’ve managed to turn their data into a PR success – at times even winning awards.

There’s a lesson there. Every single thing you do as a business, generates data. That data can generate stories.

VITTORIA CASH FOR KIDS HPRFind out how we used some simple data to create an award winning campaign for a Pizza restaurant.

In fact, here at Holyrood PR we seek out stories and data is often the first place we look. After all, it can contain some hidden gems.

Holyrood PR in Edinburgh securing coverage across the media for BUPADiscover how we used a date of birth and the name of a favourite dish to create hundreds of pieces of news coverage and crown a 103 year old curry lover of the year.


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