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Newly graduated Rachel Webster reflects on her first week at a Scottish PR agency

Rachel recently graduated and has taken the plunge into the life of PR at Holyrood PR. Scottish PR Agency

RECENTLY graduated with a masters in marketing, it seemed as if I was destined to work in retail for the rest of time. Now I find myself getting to grips with the fast-paced 9-5 life at a Scottish PR Agency.

Despite hailing from Aberdeen, my plan after graduation was always to start my professional working career in Edinburgh where I moved to finish my studies. However, after walking across the stage and receiving my certificate; the reality of trying to find a job without years of professional experience hit hard.

After being shown the Holyrood PR Graduate Placement Programme, I knew it was something that I wanted to try.

My first day came with the usual feeling of nerves which were quickly put at ease with the friendly faces of everyone welcoming me to the office. I was given multiple tutorials on different software’s that help Holyrood PR operate as smoothly as it runs. Each tutorial was given by a different member of staff, helping me feel like I could make a connection with each of them individually.

As well as being introduced to a multitude of different platforms used by Holyrood PR, I have also been able to put some of the academic knowledge and skills that I have leant throughout my years of studying into professional practice.

Rachel recently graduated and has taken the plunge into the life of PR at Holyrood PR. Scottish PR Agency

The responsibility that the team have already given me within the first week is something that came as a surprise to me. Tasks I have been given so far are not those of a typical intern – like completing admin work and collecting everyone’s hot drinks orders.

Instead, one of the first tasks I was given was an essential job regarding a client and its connection to on-shore wind, and how this would impact the surrounding community.

The client-based tasks didn’t stop there, within the first hour of being in the office I was whisked away to the Scottish Parliament to view an event space, and I was joining interviews with a doctor about different practices being used in Ireland to treat foot conditions.

Being thrown in at the deep end with this type of work reassured me that I was making a real difference and impact in the work I was doing, and helping the team power through key tasks – and they have made me feel supported throughout.

Altogether, my first week has been jam-packed. Putting off leaving the student bubble is something that I had become a professional at, but if my first week at Holyrood PR is how the real world is, I cannot wait to get started!

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