Polish translation spells success for Citylets

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PIC By Lorenzo Dalberto, Deadline Press & Picture Agency, shows Polish President Lech Kaczynski meeting former Scottish First Minister Jack McConnell at Bute House in Edinburgh

CITYLETS, Scotland’s leading online letting portal, has responded to the country’s booming Polish population – by translating its 80 000 strong property database into their native language.

With Scotland’s Polish population estimated to have reached as high as 150 000,* immigrants are having a significant impact on the country’s rental sector and buy-to-let industry.

Now Citylets, Scotland and Northern Ireland’s number one residential letting website, has made it easier for Poles to find suitable accommodation.

Properties advertised on www.citylets.co.uk can now have their details displayed in Polish as well as English, a move that means landlords and letting agents can more easily reach this growing customer base.

Thomas Ashdown, managing director of Citylets, said: “This is obviously a large investment for us but the influx of Polish Nationals into Scotland has had an impact on the rental sector and the buy-to-let industry.

“There is no doubt they have contributed to the continued strength of the market due to the sheer numbers coming to live and work here and the high percentage of those who opt for rented accommodation. By offering Polish translations on our site we are facilitating their move to Scotland wherein they can settle into their new life and contribute positively to the economy.”

The Polish influx is particularly prevalent in Edinburgh and the Lothians which is home to around 10 per cent of the total number in the UK.

Karol Chojnowski, development manager at Szkocja.net – Scotland’s leading Polish community website, said: “Initiatives like these make the Polish community feel welcome. I’m certain the extra lengths Citylets has gone to here will be successful in terms of addressing the needs of the Polish immigrants and will be much appreciated by individuals seeking affordable accommodation.”

*Figure according to szkocja.net, ‘Scotlands leading Polish community website’