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Apple's ipad mini advert

If our Holyrood 5 isn’t enough to wet and dry your appetites then we’re up for some social media harassment on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.


A new video has surfaced on YouTube since the launch of the iPad mini, in which it describes itself as the banned commercial Apple didn’t want you to see. If you haven’t seen the original video, the iPad mini is side by side with the original iPad and both are playing a well know piano tune on the piano app available for these tablets. In the newer video, someone has dubbed over what he believes the lyrics to this song should be. Do you agree with the lyrics?



What’s your idea of a perfect day? Sex, love…and a little work, according to research published in the Journal of economic psychology.
909 working women of varying ages and ethnicities were interviewed in an attempt to discover how people relate to everyday experiences.
The results have allowed researchers to create the “perfect” 16 hour day while taking into account the crucial fact that even the most delightful activities are usually less pleasing the longer they last and the more often we do them.
The average woman’s ideal day includes 106 minutes of sexual intimacy, 57 minutes of phone time and 56 minutes of shopping.
To see the entire “perfect” 16 hour day click on the link below:



Invisibility regularly tops the polls as being the most craved superhuman power and BBC science and technology reporter, Jason Palmer, set out to discover if we ever will get our mitts on the cloaks paraded in films and popular science stories.
If you’re looking for an easy answer and science isn’t your bag, you may just want to stick to reading the beginning and the end of this article which unfortunately doesn’t offer much hope of us slipping on a slinky Hugh Hefner dressing gown any time soon.



It’s a Monday morning, and probably too early for a politically focused rant. But I’m afraid that’s what your going to get. If it makes you feel any better it has a slightly feminist twist. Basically UK Uncut, an activist group, are to target Starbucks coffee shops next month as part of a campaign to highlight how the Government’s spending cuts are affecting women. UK Uncut claim that money being lost through tax avoidance by multi-national companies could fund the public services being affected by austerity measures. The group plan to turn Starbucks shop floors into ‘refuges, crèches and homeless shelters’ to show how cuts disproportionately affect women, on December 8. The announcement of these plans comes on the day that a Starbucks executive faces questions from the House of Commons public accounts committee over why the company paid no corporation tax in the UK during the past three years. I love a good Starbucks coffee, but none of us would away without paying my taxes, so why should they?


CATS VS DOGS (Victoria)

During last week’s hotly contested US Presidential Election, there was another equally life changing election in full swing.

Pet food brand Purina, part of the Nestle group, staged an election of their own to find out once and for all whether America is a cat or a dog loving nation.

TV advertisements were screened and a dedicated website set up where 112,860 votes were cast – and Nestle has pledged to donate a dollar for each vote to animal charities.

Stateside consumers were encouraged to participate in “America’s Pet Debate’ which launched in September and the winner has just been announced, and it’s official – cats were the winners!

This was a clever campaign which brought together social media and traditional advertising with an engaging and widely appealing concept.

Just for the record, I’m definitely a dog person!