Plucking Feathers For Webling Pleasures

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Plucking Feathers For Webling Pleasures

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We have various measures set in place to keep guns off the street in an attempt to keep us safe and stop criminals buying guns illegally. But what happens if you just needed a printer and an accurate template to get hold of one? The first ever 3D printed gun has been printed and fired in the US, showing how easy it can be to get hold of such a dangerous weapon. It also highlights how metal detectors and similar measures are becoming less-effective due to it being made from plastic. If you buy a 3D printer, which can set you back thousands of pounds for the most basic model, you could print yourself out a gun that can shot real bullets. Scary to think that anyone can now have their hands on a gun from the click of a button.


On a recent trip to Krakow I visited the former concentration camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau. Both sites were eerily preserved and it was appalling to learn in detail what happened during the reign of the SS at the extermination camp. What was more shocking was when we learned that almost none of the officers who were involved in the mass murder of thousands if not millions of Jews and Poles had been reprimanded. However, on my return I learned that a 93 year old former guard at the Auschwitz extermination camp had been arrested. Hans Lipschis was named last month by the Simon Wiesenthal Center as number four on its list of the most-wanted Nazis. The BBC reported that Hans denies his involvement and claims he merely a cook at the camp between 1941 and 1945. But 60 years after the catastrophe, is it fair to say that justice has been served?


It’s always really ripped my knitting that some celebrities seem to get off with everything just because of who they are. It seems that, for once, not everyone is on board with this specialist celebrity treatment as Justin Bieber recently found out. Obviously channelling his inner Lewis Hamilton, the pint-sized pop star set off a staggering six speed cameras whilst driving a Lamborghini Dubai. Not the most conspicuous of cars, the nineteen year old stood out like a sore thumb and was instantly reported to police.


I was on a total roll of discovery of random facts last night – first one being that blue eyes are caused by a mutation – but the topper was a story about a chicken who survived decapitation and lived on for 18months.
His bizarre story began in 1945 when old Mike was plucked out for a roast, the axe came down and like the usual story goes he staggered about like most headless chickens. But alas 18 months on he was still very much alive, attempting to peck for food and preen his feathers. Turns out a part of his ear and brain stem was left in the chop and a blood clot stopped the clucker from bleeding out.
He eventually breathed his last breath after choking to death.


I’m always intrigued to read the latest news in the weird and wonderful world of advertising and Target’s latest campaign was no different. In a bid to showcase its home décor range, the American chain store’s ad agency executives obviously took inspiration from their childhood when it came up with the idea of erecting a life-size dolls house in New York’s Central Station.