Pic ‘n’ Mix of Today’s Goodies


Pic ‘n’ Mix of Today’s Goodies


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Parents of a young 5 year old boy have been left stunned after receiving a letter from the NHS saying that their son was over weight when he weighs just 3stone 10lbs. Thomas Watkins’ mum and dad received the letter after he was weighed as part of a drive by the National Child Measurement Programme to tackle and monitor childhood obesity. Staff behind the scheme used Thomas’ BMI a calculation of the youngster’s weight and height to conclude that he was over the recommended weight for his ages and body dimensions. Understandably his parents are upset as from looking at the pictures of Thomas in the article below there is nothing to him and he clearly enjoys a healthy lifestyle. It’s just another example of how the well meaning NHS has got it wrong rather than giving perfectly healthy children complexes about their weight, they should instead be looking to focus their time and efforts on those children who actually need help to loose weight.



Many believe that you can’t get better than a breast fed nipper.  How about straight from the udder?  That’s what a number of scientists in Argentina are making a reality after they successfully created the world’s first cow to have human genes, allowing it produce human-like milk.  Using genetic engineering, scientist were able to introduce the genes before the animal was born.  The cloned cow is the first of its kind with genes that contain proteins present in human milk.  Each to their own, but as an adult I’d rather not know what I was reared on but well done anyway……weirdoes.



The inevitable political and gay activist backlash has followed the revelation that a blog purportedly written by a gay woman in Syria, which described life in Damascas amid the current political unrest, is a hoax. The Gay Girl in Damascus blog, dating back to February this year, claimed to document the life of 25-year-old Amina Abdallah Arraf al-Omari, a half-Syrian, half American lesbian living in Damascus.  But in reality it was a 40 year old American man, Tom MacMaster who is studying at Edinburgh University.  That’s just about as good as you can get for getting this so wrong – a man, an American and no where near the Middle East.  But while this has caused outrage among civil campaigners, suggesting it has trivialised and harmed their cause, the issue has also generated horror in the blogging community – with many believing it has damaged the important role that blogs and social media can play in disenfranchised states.  This BBC report also has an interview with MacMaster in which he attempts to explain his motives for the stunt – it seems he now plans a book on the fictional life of Amina.


23.5 INCHES SMALL (Emily)

The shortest man in the world has once again been declared. Junrey Balawing, from a remote town in the southern Philippines, is 23.5 inches tall. Junrey turned 18 on Sunday and it was here that he was titled shortest man by the Guinness World Records. Junrey stopped growing in his first year and his conversations are limited to short phrases. His condition has meant that he needs assistance to move around and cannot attend school. Although this award only comes with a certificate, the Balawing family are hoping that publicity will help bring Junrey medical care and help draw the attention of medical experts. Junrey was most pleased to be given this title and attended his birthday party with a beaming smile. I’m sure it was a special day for the proud Balawing family and their town.



Can’t say I’m particularly familiar with Katie Perry’s work, but laughed out loud at the opening of her latest music video, which is starting to trend on YouTube. It is heavily themed round the 1980s and the frathouse/Bratpack movies of the Decade that Fashion forgot. While Perry’s music may not be aimed at the 30 and 40-somethings who grew up in Thatcherite Britain, this video will speak to that demographic – not least those who partied hard at the time, but now have kids of their own and dread coming home to find their progeny have thrown a house party like this one!